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Stephen Prince has created 4 digital courses and has taught a total of 5,298 students online. We found 501 reviews with an average rating of 4.0.

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We found that the last course update was in February 2020.

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Courses cost between $14.99 and $17.99.

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CHIPP Capital / The Traders Club / BNY /

founder of the chipp method and currency parking
Before introduce my self  i just want to share the importance of why learning to trade is a life skill and not a get rich scheme (as they don’t exist )
Trading FX is one of the only business models your ever find, you need no products or any customers to sell anything to. No more expensive overheads or staff wages , the main reason most business’s fail within the first 2 years…
So if done right your chance of success will out way and business model or idea from the start…

Hi! I’m Stephen,
Trader analyst & full time trader
Iv’e had many ventures while being a trader including the setup of 3 companies i have created and feel It’s now the time iv’e decided to share the skills that I use on a daily basis to make more than a living .
After the last five years of learning price action and teaching my new systems to traders high up in the industry I decided that the city life wasn’t for me even though it was very short period of my life.
But I did love it , just very stressful and London is a busy place ……
 I have been trading Fx and commodities for such a long time, retail trading (From My Office) was the route to go .Working on my on time frames and no deadlines to meet just me and my internet connection .
I’m passionate about teaching people, not only how to earn through trading but a life lesson and skill i have made many friends over the years trading and I’m sure il make many more.
With hard work and determination you will really start seeing the results you only have dreamed about. 
You wouldn’t believe the freedom that Trading can bring to the table. 
But be gentle with me i’m a trader and not a video editor so all the videos you see are real and now.

We are currently building a  full time trader course that will be with you very soon.
All my courses will never stop growing and will get bigger and bigger.

Looking forward to teaching you and supporting you on your journey.


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