Microservice Zone

How many courses has Microservice Zone created?
Microservice Zone has created 1 digital courses and has taught a total of 319 students online. We found 32 reviews with an average rating of 4.1.

How often does Microservice Zone update their courses?
We found that the last course update was in September 2020.

How much do Microservice Zone’s courses cost?
Courses cost between $14.99 and $14.99.

Are there coupons or discounts for Microservice Zone’s courses?
You can check the latest prices for all of Microservice Zone’s courses here.

Can I download Microservice Zone’s courses?
Yes, after you purchase courses on Udemy, you can download them to your devices so you can learn offline.

Hi. We create high quality courses, videos and tutorials aimed at teaching the world Microservices and Kubernetes, or helping people to get better at what they already do. What is more, we constantly improve our strategy of teaching to make our students feel more comfortable, confident and satisfied. Our students receive mentored guidance, quick feedback and curated course content, all while building real applications and solving real problems.

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