Manoj Chandak

How many courses has Manoj Chandak created?
Manoj Chandak has created 4 digital courses and has taught a total of 21,878 students online. We found 164 reviews with an average rating of 3.7.

How often does Manoj Chandak update their courses?
We found that the last course update was in August 2020.

How much do Manoj Chandak’s courses cost?
Courses cost between $11.99 and $14.99.

Are there coupons or discounts for Manoj Chandak’s courses?
You can check the latest prices for all of Manoj Chandak’s courses here.

Can I download Manoj Chandak’s courses?
Yes, after you purchase courses on Udemy, you can download them to your devices so you can learn offline.

I am in the software industry for last twenty eight years. In this progression, I have undertaken various projects and training programs. From last seven years, I am working as a freelancer trainer/faculty and consultant so that I can share my knowledge and experience.
Academic qualification of Bachelor of Engineering  and Master of Management Studies .
Worked as Project Manager,  Data Analyst,  Business Analyst, Solution Architecture, Consultant, Trainer, etc.
Domains knowledge of Marketing, Financial, Insurance, Health Care, E-commerce, etc.
Experience in India and USA on various IT projects.
Conducts courses on:
Artificial Intelligent – Machine Learning & Data science using Python & R
Managerial Decisions with Business Models & Data Analysis Using Excel
Statistics for Business Analysis and Data Analysis
Data Visualization using Tableau & Power BI for
Python & R Programming

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