Kumail Raza

How many courses has Kumail Raza created?
Kumail Raza has created 11 digital courses and has taught a total of 134,867 students online. We found 670 reviews with an average rating of 4.2.

How often does Kumail Raza update their courses?
We found that the last course update was in June 2021.

How much do Kumail Raza’s courses cost?
Courses cost between $14.99 and $84.99.

Are there coupons or discounts for Kumail Raza’s courses?
You can check the latest prices for all of Kumail Raza’s courses here.

Can I download Kumail Raza’s courses?
Yes, after you purchase courses on Udemy, you can download them to your devices so you can learn offline.

I am a BI Developer | Instructor | Facilitator graduate in Business  Finance and Computer Science.

Certified in Statistics, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Visualization.

I have been supporting the data-driven decision, consulting, creating, implementing and automating Data Intelligence and Analytics Strategies while identifying KPIs in the process and how it affects the overall business strategy.
Blogger on Microsoft Power BI Community
Hands-on experience (Intermediate to advanced level) in using the following tools;
Business Intelligence | Analytics: Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, Microsoft Power BI, Mode Analytics, Microsoft Excel / Google Spreadsheet, Python (Pandas, Openpyxl, matplotlib)
Database: SQL Server 2016 (ETL into Power BI), MYSQL
Project Management: Wrike, GetFlow, Jira.
Documentation: Confluence, Dropbox Paper, Dropbox. Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.
Diagram | Wireframe | Mockups: Balsamiq Mockups, Drawdotio, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel, and Word Smart Art Graphic.
Analyzed CRM Applications: ZOHO CRM, Rethink Residential and Commercial (Built on Salesforce Platform), Podio, Plan plus, ConvergeEnterprise, dotloop, Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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