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Judith (nickname “Jude”) Azaren grew up with collies, music, and dance. She and Glory, her first trained dog, won first prize in a local dog training  competition when Jude was 14.
Her dogs have titled in multiple venues in rally, agility, musical freestyle, and dog parkour. Each of her performance dogs has earned more than three dozen titles in at least two sports. 
Jude is the founder of Cyber Rally-O, the first video rally venue and the first to combine rally with freestyle, advanced obedience, and agility exercises. The CRO Dance Division is a unique musical freestyle venue structured to systematically teach handlers how to choreograph their own original routines while earning titles.
Jude is also the founder All Dogs Parkour, a parkour titling venue that has grown to include four titling tracks with participants from all over the USA as well as Canada, France, and the UK.
For nearly two decades, Jude’s rally students have successfully competed in the AKC, WCRL, and CRO rally venues. Her teams have earned placements at AKC Nationals and have won numerous other awards, top rankings, and recognition including championship titles.
Jude has studied and taught ballet, yoga, and competitive figure skating. Canine freestyle allows her to combine her love of dogs, music, and dance. She has coached students titling in the DCDC, PFSF, CRO, WCFO, and MDSA freestyle venues.
Besides teaching rally, parkour, and freestyle, Jude offers outdoor attention/focus classes for performance dogs. She has presented numerous seminars encompassing not only  aspects of the dog sports that she teaches but also such topics as advanced distraction work, amazing recalls, and overcoming fears, reactivity, and low confidence. 
An advocate of scientifically proven methods using positive reinforcement, Jude considers analysis, creative problem solving, and understanding the dog’s perspective to be paramount. She believes the best dog-human performance teams are developed with love, laughter, and lots of treats.

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