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Dr. Michael Spino has created 1 digital courses and has taught a total of 59 students online. We found 10 reviews with an average rating of 3.6.

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We found that the last course update was in November 2019.

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Dr. Michael Spino has vast experience in coaching and teaching mind/body running at every level from the “guy next door” to world-class performers. He was the former director of the well-known and prestigious Esalen Sports Center, which pioneered the application of mental training to sport. This program distills the methodology presented in his six books on the mental and physical aspects of sports including his bestseller, Beyond Jogging: The Innerspaces of Running, and Mike Spino’s Mind/Body Running Program. The company District Vision in 2018 -19, the photo journal, Document Journal, and athletic clothier Reigning Champ have featured his work in 2019.
At the University level, he coached cross-country and track at Georgia Tech and Life University, where his teams won 12 national championships, and he has coached numerous All American runners. He is an inaugural inductee of the Life University Athletic Hall Fame. A Ph.D. graduate of the prestigious Lille2 University in Lille, France, his research on mental focusing with Kenyatta University distance runners broke new ground on specific mental awareness for improving performance and enjoyment. He is presently a professor in the department of Health and Kinesiology at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

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