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We found that the last course update was in November 2020.

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Hi, I’m glad you’re coming along for the ride.  I aim to make it a thrilling time but my intention is to make it a safe one.
I’ve been a qualified riding instructor for about 30 years now and a competition groom beforehand in many disciplines of the horse industry.  I originally trained as a British Horse Society instructor but then furthered my training with a student of Nuno Oliveira, the classical master of the 20thC.  Five years ago I qualified as a Masterson Method equine bodyworker and am currently half way through training as a saddle fitter. 
I’ve always felt that the lives of riders and horses would be improved if the learning process could be adapted to take advantage of our new digital era.  I’ve seen throughout my career novice riders struggling to learn the basic theory at the same time as trying to control 500kg of horse.  As I learnt when I was twenty, I remember the terrifying times when my horse went one way whilst I frantically told him to go the other way.
Seeing riders and horses having to go through the frustration and confusion of early lessons has given me a goal in life – my times with horses have been the best in my life – and I’d love to share that experience with you. 
Have my lessons helped people and horses?  Read part of a recent published review by one of my students…….
“a deep understanding of horse’s mind, psychology and behaviour, deep expertise in the horse’s physiology and physical well-being , suppleness and relaxation, and lastly expertise in what I call a ‘horse centric’ way of riding – classical dressage.”
I love to help horses and riders.  Welcome to my course!   

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