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Andy Menon has created 1 digital courses and has taught a total of 116 students online. We found 8 reviews with an average rating of 4.5.

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We found that the last course update was in February 2020.

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Courses cost between $14.99 and $14.99.

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Yes, after you purchase courses on Udemy, you can download them to your devices so you can learn offline.

Andy Menon is a UiPath MVP for 2021. A Mechanical Engineer turned IT Professional, Andy came into the Information Technology world because someone challenged him to.
In his day job, Andy is an Integrations Engineer with plenty of experience building integration systems for the enterprise. And now, his integrations tool kit includes building Robotic Process Automation processes using UiPath.
Andy is an active member of the UiPath community forums and as a Robot Master and MVP, continues to invest time and energy into using RPA both, on and off the field. He is also the founder of RPA Vanguard.
In his free time, Andy dabbles in hobby electronics, 3D printing and Internet of Things. He has an army of four 3D printers to help him bring his designs to life. If not that, he’s in his garage tinkering on his home built street rod.
Along the way, Andy rekindled his lost love for electronics when he picked up a Parallax Basic Stamp Electronics Kit at a RadioShack sale. Since then he’s been experimenting with the Basic Stamp, the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi and the ESP8266 family of microcontrollers.
Andy is also a Kindle published author of the title Give Yourself IoT Super Powers.
He has published several of his hobby projects and designs online at instructables and thingiverse
When time and weather permits, or when he needs a break from everything else, Andy is out cruising around in his home built 1923 Model T Street Rod!

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