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Zabbix Network Monitoring Beginner To Pro In 7 Days

Learn step-by-step how to setup a Zabbix network monitoring system from scratch. Get in-demand job skills for 2019!
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Would you like to learn how to use Zabbix for network monitoring?
Do you want to learn  solid network monitoring skills that will help you get that system administrator job you always wanted?
My step-by-step training will initiate you into the world of Zabbix Network monitoring.

You will learn:
•How to setup a Zabbix monitoring system from scratch
•Best practice configuration
•Practical theory and concepts you need to understand about network monitoring
•How to monitor the condition of your environment and discover issues like like CPU overload, network channel load etc. before it’s too late
•Much much more…
When you are done with the course, you will be ready to set up your first Zabbix network monitoring system and use it in your IT job.

Zabbix is an open-source monitoring solution.
As a network/system administrator, you must be aware of the condition of your environment. E.g. what is the load of your network channels, or if your server’s CPU is overloaded etc.
You must be notified about issues beforehand, so that doesn’t affect services and clients.
Zabbix offers you that opportunity.
It is a very competent network monitoring software that can do everything a paid solution can do, but it’s 100% free open source.
Size of your IT environment doesn’t matter, Zabbix can collect over 10 000 000 metrics.
It’s backed by a big community of passionate open-source developers, constantly working to improve the builds.

1: Increased worldwide demand
Being a competent network monitoring software that is 100% open source, Zabbix is growing in popularity worldwide. Companies wants to save money, so many are switching to Zabbix. That means that Network Administrators that knows Zabbix are in great demand and the demand is only increasing.
2: Fast-growing software
The Zabbix team is working constantly to  improving the product everyday. They listen to the community of users and release new versions with the best features frequently. Being a part of the Open Source community is very exciting, as you get to directly affect the direction of the software. 
3: Stay on top of your job market competitors
Zabbix network monitoring knowledge is a requirement for a lot of network jobs at all levels, from juniors to architects.er admins, that does not. A simple search on any well-known job websites, will reveal the requirement for the skill

Why should I choose Zabbix, when there are many other monitoring solutions out there?
Zabbix has communities in many countries and many languages. It is open-source. It is scalable and can be used as an all-in-one solution, or in a cluster. If you think there should be a new feature or there is a bug, you submit it on ZBX-NEXT and get response from Zabbix team support quickly.

Why do I have to install and support Zabbix? My servers are OK?
You think that everything is OK until some component goes down. You cannot predict and react beforehand if you do not monitor. Not having a software like Zabbix running can be catastrophic with lots of downtime and decreased earnings.
Zabbix solves this.

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You will learn

✓ How to set up a complete Zabbix Network Monitoring system from scratch.
✓ How to configure Zabbix to automatically monitor the condition of your server environment and discover issues like like CPU overload, network channel load etc. before it’s too late
✓ How to do a full installation with best practices
✓ Practical theory and concepts you need to understand about network monitoring
✓ How to use all the advanced features of Zabbix in your monitoring system like triggers, maps & visualization, macros, alerts, users & group management, how to read graphs and more…
✓ Step-by-step instructions from a seasoned Zabbix system administrator. By the end you will have the skills to use Zabbix in your IT job yourself.
✓ Get ready for a promotion or a new Network Administrator job with your new Zabbix Network Monitoring skills!


• Knowledge of basic Linux commands and tools
• You must have a virtual machine, preferably with CentOS7

This course is for

• Anyone interested in learning what network monitoring is and how it works
• Network Administrators, sysadmins and anyone else that wants to learn how to install and use the open source software Zabbix for competent network monitoring
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 49m
Language: English
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