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Your Higher-Self Connection

How to Recognize & Follow Your Intuitive Guidance
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This easy-to-follow video course was created to help you improve your awareness of the Higher-Self, your perfect inner guidance system.
You will become significantly more conscious of the many signs and different ways of how your Higher-Self is communicating with you every day and night.
As you start practicing and following the simple exercises in this course, your extra-sensory awareness will grow stronger and you will become more confident in working with your intuition.
With the overwhelming amount of information you are exposed to on a daily basis, it is necessary to clearly understand how your inner GPS works so that you can start completely trusting the Divine Guidance of your Soul.

You will learn

✓ How to recognize your inner guidance & communicate with your Higher Self.
✓ How to tell the difference between the ego thoughts and the Higher-Self guidance.
✓ Breathing Techniques to reach higher levels of consciousness.
✓ Find out if you are telepathic
✓ How to decode Higher Self messages coming through your dreams
✓ How to know what brainwave states you are in and how to shift to a BW that increases your intuition
✓ How to recognize your Higher Self messages through external signs and symbolism.
✓ Find out what is your strongest Extra-Sensory Perception to know how is your Higher Self speaking to you


• Your desire to learn about your Higher Self and willingness to practice what you learn for best results.

This course is for

• Heart-centered people interested in their Higher Intuition development.
• Lightworkers, Starseeds, Galactics, Angelics, Divine Humans, Indigos, Crystal, Rainbow, Diamond souls :)
Quantum Soul Guidance Teacher
My interest in all things metaphysical started in my early teens. I am a true bookworm!
In 2014 I became a QHHT practitioner, working with Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, helping my clients to access their soul records to heal unresolved issues.
A year later, I learned how to access Akashic (Soul) Records following Andrea Hess’ Technique, as part of the Soul Realignment sessions that I also facilitated for my clients.
With access to well-over a thousand clients souls’ journeys, I was guided to meticulously study their Astrological charts. I was looking for proof that our intuition is guiding us correctly, and for proof about extra-terrestrial connections that showed up in so many sessions.
As a result of my mind-blowing discoveries, years later, here I am, teaching others how to find answers to their soul-driven questions.
Sending you lots of Love and Joy from the Emerald Isle.
With warmest regards,
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 49m
Language: English
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