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Your Guide to Rules of Tennis.

Get the knowledge that professional tennis umpires have! Course prepared by certified ITF/WTA/ATP Chair Umpire.
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Whether you watch, play or coach tennis player you should know the fundamentals – tennis rules. After completing this course you will not struggle anymore on interpretation of tennis rules. No more stupid mistakes and misunderstandings. Know the rules of your game!

The course is based on ITF tennis rules so is valid all over the world! Of course you could try to learn all of it from the rulebooks but lets be honest… You cannot learn law by reading law code. You need examples from real life to understand paragraphs. That’s what is this course. Easy language, examples taken directly from tennis courts!
Throughout my 17 years career as a tennis referee I have seen many examples of wrong interpretations of tennis rules or simply lack of knowledge from players, parents, coaches or even tennis commentators. That really have a great impact on the game. Safe stress, be smarter in your game, don’t discredit yourself with ignorance. 
Getting the knowledge that rules the professional  tennis world will put you a step ahead of people who has a very basic, often wrong knowledge of rules of tennis. You have a possibility to improve your position on market whether you are tennis coach, commentator or tennis player. Do the step forward!
In tennis every point matters and often details decide who is on the top. 

Do you remember any interesting situation on court while watching Wimbledon, Australian Open, Roland Garros, US Open or any other big event and not really knowing what was that about? 
Your child is playing tennis and you are struggling with helping your kid cause you don’t really understand what is that game about? 
You have lack of confidence when talking about tennis on business parties or meetings? 
Or maybe you would like to become a tennis referee and visit with tennis the most beautiful parts of the world? 
Don’t stay behind. It is always worth to know more and better!

You will learn

✓ You will know and understand tennis rules valid all over the world on all professional events (ITF/ATP/WTA).
✓ You will be able to talk about tennis with confidence on parties and casual business meeting.
✓ You will be able to watch the professional tennis match with understanding tennis rules.
✓ You will get the essential knowledge to improve your profile as a tennis coach or commentator.
✓ As a tennis player you will be one step ahead knowing the rules in details.
✓ You will be able to pass courses for tennis umpires on your national level.


• You should have the general idea how the tennis match looks like.
• You DO NOT have to know how to play tennis.

This course is for

• People that would like to become tennis umpires.
• People that would like to prepare themselves for courses for tennis umpires.
• People that would like to get the knowledge that professional umpires do have.
• People who simply love tennis and would like to understand the game better.
ITF/ATP/WTA Chair Umpire.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 57m
Language: English
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