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Yoga Nidra Conscious Yogic Sleep Level 1

Yoga Nidra
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Table of contents


Description of the course

As a result of taking this course, you can confidently write your own yoga Nidra scripts and create your individual sessions for yourself, family, friends, or practice.
You can use what you have learned when coaching, helping someone go through tough times as a professional teacher, etc.
Yoga Nidra is a growing tool. More and more people are discovering the tremendous benefits of this ageless guided meditation technique, it has been proven scientifically to work on so many levels.

The Many Benefits Of Taking This Course:

Well-researched information of theory, history, and use of Yoga Nidra, in addition, we share breathwork theory and practice videos. We also included a one-hour contemplation video and six meditation practices.

We will give you guides on how to write your own scripts from scratch.

Links of scientific applications of yoga Nidra not included in many other courses.

I walk you through each individual component and how they fit together into the bigger picture of the practice.

Learn the philosophical structure as well as the technical ways, of the ancient Yogic sleep technique.

After you finish level 1 of this course, I will share more advanced information for the ones that wish to learn about the Sanskrit side of these teachings, also mantras and Mudras that can be used in the practice and everyday life.

Six practice sessions for you to try, including healing frequencies.

By taking this course you will understand how the process of Yoga Nidra guides you through the different states of your Brain to get to yogic sleep, this part was huge for me. I am amazed to learn the process of what my mind does and what it needs to get me to that deep level.

One of the steps that I was fascinated to learn is the intention or Sankalpa, as it is called. In this process, it is so profound to learn what Intention awareness is and how to use it properly so it works.

With the links to scientific studies, you can learn how many benefits are offered through Yoga Nidra, for so many aspects of health and whole wellbeing.

You can use the Yoga Nidra practices given in the course to customize your own creations.
As one of the bonuses, we are including a PDF downloadable E-Book for gratitude and a chapter on Gratitude with links to studies on the subject.

Yoga Nidra has completely changed my meditation practice and for my students. I always use it to introduce meditation to beginners and people that have issues settling in, as I found out lots of people have this issue, and in Yoga Nidra, there are not many requirements but to be comfortable and do what you normally do to go to sleep, not hard just be.

I have so much gratitude for this course, it has made a huge difference for so many people, and if you have read all the way here, something has guided you to do so for a reason. I am so honored that you have, and as you take this course you will also be very grateful for it.

Here, I like to honor you also for looking into possibilities to make a difference in whatever level of your evolution that you are searching for.

At the completion of the level 1 course, you will receive your certificate of completion.

This course is for whoever wishes to make a difference in themselves and the world around them, that is how it works.

With love and gratitude NAMASTE

You will learn

✓ They will learn how to achieve full relaxation effortlessly, included in the course are links to scientific studies on how Yoga Nidra can be used for PTSD, anxiety, and how Yoga Nidra helps releasing old unwanted habits that are holding them back.
✓ They will learn the functions of the brain and what happens in the different stages of its functions, and how to get to this stage to accomplish ideal deep sleep, how with Yoga Nidra they can reset the nervous system.
✓ How Yoga Nidra helps to increase immune function, increase digestive function, release worry, stress, reactivity, among many other gifts.
✓ The difference in between ‘Goal setting” and “Intention” and how to properly use intention and manifestation.
✓ Videos and lectures on helpful breathing technique keeping in mind that this course is level one and in more advanced courses we will teach breathing techniques of more advanced levels.
✓ The will learn what gratitude does and how to use it everyday they will also get as a bonus a down-loadable gratitude journal and links to scientific studies on the subject.
✓ How through auto-suggestion cues, visualization, and affirmation to create an environment in which deep transformation can occur.
✓ A contemplation video with music that contains specific sounds to relax the entire body and mind.
✓ This course is perfect for yoga instructors wanting to gain a new skill to offer to their students and anyone interested in learning about this spiritual, healing practice for his/her own growth and/or to share with others.
✓ Upon completion of the course graduates will receive a certificate of completion.
✓ They will get 6 Yoga Nidra meditation practices to use for themselves and to share with others and get scripts for themselves.


• None.

This course is for

• Basically anyone that wishes, to reach the deepest levels of transformation in their lives, general health improvement, deep sleep, and the art of manifestation and plain bliss.
• Teachers, corporate wellness advisors, coaches, mothers, family councilors, anyone that wants to improve their quality of life.

How much does the Yoga Nidra Conscious Yogic Sleep Level 1 course cost? Is it worth it?

The course costs $19.99.
The average price is $16.7 of 470 Meditation courses. So this course is 20% more expensive than the average Meditation course on Udemy.

Does the Yoga Nidra Conscious Yogic Sleep Level 1 course have a money back guarantee or refund policy?

YES, Yoga Nidra Conscious Yogic Sleep Level 1 has a 30-day money back guarantee. The 30-day refund policy is designed to allow students to study without risk.

Are there any SCHOLARSHIPS for this course?

At the moment we could not find an available scholarship for Yoga Nidra Conscious Yogic Sleep Level 1.

Who is the instructor? Is Isabel Harkins a SCAM or a TRUSTED instructor?

Isabel Harkins has created 1 courses that got 0 reviews which are generally positive. Isabel Harkins has taught 15 students and received a — average review out of 0 reviews. Depending on the information available, Isabel Harkins is a TRUSTED instructor.
Registered Polarity Practitioner, an Integrative Craniosacral Practitioner, and registered three levels Qi-Gong Instructor, a graduate of the Anthony Robbins-Madanes life coaching programs, and Chopra certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor
Isabel Harkins was born in Santiago, Chile and grew up in the Peruvian Andes and Amazon, where she learned ancient healing ways by the Shaman Mama that raised her. Isabel knew at a very young age that she wanted to make a difference in the world and she grew completely connected with the earth and its beings. Since she was a child, she sensed that all people were connected somehow and never doubted it–that is how energy works! We are one.

She applied her training and upbringing in shapeshifting and healing arts to start the journey of changing her perception of the world around her. During this long ago process, she learned the tools that she now shares with thousands.

She is a Registered Polarity Practitioner, an Integrative Craniosacral Practitioner, and registered three levels Qi-Gong Instructor, a graduate of the Anthony Robbins-Madanes life coaching programs, and Chopra certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor.

She has shared the stage with Wayne Dyer, Gary Young, and other inspirational speakers. Her commitment to selfless service is her drive; she always finds the time to lend a helping hand mentoring people to access their own tools.  Her life continues to be about selfless service.


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Platform: Udemy
Video: 6h 3m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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