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Yoga and meditation for grief .

Mindful grieving for body , mind and spirit.
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You can experience physical manifestations of grief (insomnia, aches, and pains, headaches, heaviness in the limbs, fatigue), mental manifestations (difficulty focusing and concentrating short term memory loss), emotional (sorrow, anguish, anxiety, depression, relief), social (a change in your support network or sense of belonging), and spiritual manifestations (loss of meaning, purpose).
Yoga invites you to move into your bodies in a deeply compassionate way, so you can begin to experience your grief in a way that is self-supportive and nurturing.
Yoga for Grief combines the ancient practice of yoga accompanied with breathing exercises and self-care to help the bereaved through their journey. Yoga for Grief creates a safe and sacred space to begin to process and explore sensations, thoughts, and emotions in both the mind and body. The physical postures of yoga (asana) will be taught to nurture the heart and relieve the physical manifestations of grief. Students will be guided through breathing techniques (pranayama) to enhance the mind-body connection, and to induce a calm state of mind. Guided meditation and relaxation will be used to encourage students to journey and explore their grief in a supportive environment. Students will be taught empowering techniques to cope with their grief, find compassion for their journey.
Self-love and positive affirmation will be infused throughout the course.

You will learn

✓ Students will learn how grief affects the body physically and how yoga can help with the healing process.


• Just an open mind and open heart.

This course is for

• Anyone who has suffered loss of any kind. Not just loss of a loved one, divorce , empty nest , illness to name a few.
Yoga and meditation teacher
My name is Mindy Hill
Yoga and wellness are my passion.
Grief specialist.
I teach many forms of yoga and meditation. I also incorporate my own flair and every class and asked my students to do the same.
Wellness and a healthy lifestyle are of the utmost importance of living a full life. What better time to start learning than as a young child.
I owned and operated my own wellness daycare for 18 years,
Having over 20 years of experience and traveled all over the United States including Boston Massachusetts in Los Angeles California to learn and teach I feel I have a lot to offer.
Making health, wellness, and fitness fun and exciting has been my mission. I have been teaching at local schools for several years with great results in helping school-age kids reduce anxiety, depression, and bullying.
My utmost passion is those who are grieving with yoga and meditation. I’ve studied under Gabor Mate and Jon Kabit Zinn on this subject.
I also am certified in Yoga for grief from Himalayan institute, PA
I have been trained with hospice and doctor settings in the grief process.
The body, mind, and spirit connection is a missing component in most.
Mindfulness and body awareness are key to my practice and my teachings.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 59m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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