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YIN YANG YOGA 【The best for Hips up & Pelvis adjustment】

Flexibility of hip joints Postural balance Hip joints self maintenance Pelvis adjustment Build up bubble butt
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Check your anglesp of pelvis using bath towel.  After improving the movement of the pelvis, build up buttocks pose.  Use your weight as a load without using dumbbells or weights. You can practice safely without worrying about injuries. Not only can you improve your hip flexibility by  practice regular pelvic checks, but you can also maintain a beautiful posture. Resting your tired muscles in a relaxing pose is also important.  Practice about 3-4 times a week.
We recommend that you take Sections 1 and 2 in order. Because the focus on hips-up is the key to success, such as pelvic checking and hip jints flexibility.
In addition, this course is ideal not only for hips-up but also for those who have inflexible hip joints and those who have inflexible ankles and are easily tired when walking. The relaxation pose at the end of this course introduces poses that improve chronic stiff shoulders and back pain. Please enjoy not only hips-up but also yoga in your daily life to relieve stress.

There are two reasons why I released two courses to Udemy’s web lesson. One of the reasons,  I introduced a lot of knowledge and experience as a chiropractor and sports also shiatsu trainer in this course.  And I wanted people who needed it to make use of  improvement record of physical conditioning.  As another reason, RCT ( Randomized Controlled Trial ) has been done for many years before and after “Shiatsu Yoga” and “Improvement sequence”  and “Spiral stretch”.  For books and yoga lesson DVDs, it is inconvenient for readers and audiences to communicate with lecturers.  But at Udemy web course, you can easily do it anytime, anywhere in the world.  And your question will useful in research to further enhance the authenticity of “Shiatsu Yoga” , “Improvement Sequence” and “Spiral Stretch” effects. As a result, this course will evolve on day by day.  I hope to use this course  as a reassuring trainer also Improvement chart for your physical conditioning.

You will learn

✓ Pelvis adjustment
✓ Hips up
✓ Improvement of posture
✓ Flexibility of hip joints
✓ Self check of pelvis


• One bath towel

This course is for

• Postural balance
• Flexibility of hip joints
• Hip joints self maintenance
Chiropractor(筋肉と骨格) / Shiatsu/ Acupuncturist/ Sport trainer
The Yin Yang Yoga Self maintenance Series is a course in which an instructor who worked at orthopedic masseur in Japan, sports trainer in Europe, and an acupuncturist in Hong Kong can perform self maintenance without any treatment or sports massage.
Each course performed Yoga that has never existed before.
Some lectures include “Before & After photo session”. If there is no effect, we will support until improves with you.

Yin Yang Yogaセルフ・メンテナンス・シリーズは、接骨院勤務、ヨーロッパでスポーツトレーナーそして香港で鍼灸師として活躍した講師が施術やスポーツマッサージをしないでも身体のメンテナンスが自分でできるよう、この講座にノウハウを凝縮させました。
いくつかのレクチャーでは「Before & After写真撮影」があります。効果が実感できない場合は、写真を送って講師が改善するまでサポートします。
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 5m
Language: English
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