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Xamarin Forms 2.0 – Beginner to Advanced

Code cross platform apps with the latest release of Xamarin Forms 2.0
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Create fantastic apps on iOS and Android at the same time using Xamarin Forms 2.0!
Your apps will be created in a single project with shared code. That code is in C#, the easiest and most popular code around!

That means:
•No Java to learn (Android).•No Swift to learn (iOS).

You will go from beginner to completely proficient in Xamarin Forms 2.0 (Released End of 2015).

NO OTHER COURSE takes you so easily through the process and in so much detail !!
Forget the $2000 fee at Xamarin University, get the same information here for a fraction of the cost!
———–You could be published with a click!————–

By the time you’re done with this course you will have 2 apps you can publish on the Apple App AND Google Play Stores (and Windows Phone if you like!).
All those platforms are covered by a SINGLE codebase! What’s more I even show you how to install Google Ads so you can make money from your apps!


This course is for you if you want to:
•Learn the Xamarin Forms 2.0 development process – from complete beginner to proficient app developer•Get paid $100 – $150 per hour to make apps for paying clients•Create your own wildly popular apps•See the whole development process as it really is.•Have a real app you can publish under your own accountThis course is not for you if:
•You are an expert in Xamarin (but it may help if you don’t know Forms!)What software do you need?
•Xamarin studio (Free starter edition or Free business trial available). • A PC or MacDo you need experience?
•No. I assume you are a complete beginner to Xamarin development What makes this course different?
It reveals the true nature of app development – an involved process with many design and usability iterations.
This course allows you to code at the speed of light with the power of Xamarin Forms 2.0.
This alone dramatically cuts down development time and allows you to produce high value cross platform apps so much faster than the traditional way.

The extras you get when taking this course:

•Learn all about SQLite databases (necessary for every app you will ever make)•Learn shared settings, native to each platform•A good basic grounding in Xamarin app development (and the C# language)•2 Apps you can publish under your own name (I give away all rights to the source code FREE in this course)

You will learn

✓ Use Xamarin Forms like a professional
✓ Use SQLite Databases in a cross-platform manner
✓ Use shared settings in a cross-platform manner
✓ Know how to use XAML and Code Behind XAML
✓ Know how to implement 2 way data binding in Xamarin Forms


• A PC or Mac (Xamarin runs on both – a Mac is needed if you want to run the iOS project)
• An internet connection
• NO programming experience is required!

This course is for

• Beginners should take this course
• Intermediates who want to learn Xamarin Forms should take this course
• Those familiar with Xamarin Forms should not take this course
Software Engineer and Investor
Swift on iOS, a little Java here and there and C# for Xamarin. I’ll show you how to use them all!
When you learn from me you learn in an holistic manner. You learn concepts that are applicable to ALL mobile systems.
My aim is to get you qualified mighty fast, with very little hair tearing from frustration.
And what does that mean for you?
You’ll be able to make your own apps to earn passive income. Or you could become a freelance developer which I can honestly say it is the best life in the world. You will have no boss and earn an hourly rate of over $100. You can also take holiday whenever you want.
Of course you have to learn how to make good apps first so take my courses now and you will see how easy mobile app development can be!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 44m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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