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Writing an equity research report

How to produce reports that persuade clients to deal
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Writing an Equity Research Report focuses on the skills that matter in financial reporting. You can complete the course in under two hours, and you’ll come away with a powerful method for transforming thorough research into writing that’s clear, concise and compelling.
Every day, banks and brokerages send out 6,000 financial reports. And yet perhaps no more than 5% of them are ever read. How can you make your report stand out?
By creating compelling investment ideas, and communicating them clearly.
This course will help you do those two things.

What you’ll learn in this course
This is a project-based course. It’s designed to take you through the stages of producing a real research report. All the assignments contribute to that aim. If you want to use the course in this way, you can have a real report, ready to publish, by the time you have finished.
Although we focus here on equity research, the course will be useful for other kinds of analyst as well. And for new graduates entering the dizzy world of finance. Or even experienced – and possibly hardened – researchers looking for a fresh approach.
By the end of this course, you’ll be armed with a veritable arsenal of techniques to craft compelling reports – and to write in language that’s clear, concise and compelling.
You’ll start by learning how to place the skills of report writing within the context of all the other skills analysts need to employ. You’ll learn a method to help you produce reports more efficiently, and techniques to benchmark your work against objective quality criteria. The tools and techniques you’ll learn have been tried, tested and given the whole-hearted thumbs up by our own clients in workshops conducted over 25 years.
You’ll also learn about how to make a real impact with your writing in a global environment: essential knowledge if English isn’t your first language or if you’re working as part of a global team.
Effective research reports aren’t successful just because of the words you use – or what you know. Good writing means figuring out what you’re trying to say and why it matters to your clients.
So, you’ll learn how to formulate your investment ideas quickly and efficiently, and how to support those ideas with logical arguments and coherent explanations.
You’ll also be able to organize your ideas to fit the strategies we all use as readers to seek out what matters to us.
All of these tools and techniques will save you time as a writer – and save your audience time as readers.
You’ll also learn how to construct powerful paragraphs and stunning sentences, so that you can communicate your expertise without baffling your reader. And how to add warmth to your words so you forge a deeper connection with busy clients.
Finally, you’ll learn simple techniques for proofing and polishing your work – so you can weed out embarrassing errors that could undermine your credibility as an analyst.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:
•Identify and develop compelling investment ideas
•Save time when producing your reports
•Apply a method to produce sound financial reports
•Delight your audience by saving them time when reading your report
•Quickly identify what you want to say – and how to say it
•Structure the report for maximum impact
•Present your arguments so that clients can instantly home in on your most important points
•Communicate your expertise clearly and compellingly
•Rid your writing of confusing tech talk and off-putting corpspeak
•Engage your readers by making your writing warmer and more human
•Establish credibility by proofing and polishing your work effectively
What you’ll learn
•Create research reports efficiently and painlessly
•Generate compelling investment ideas, supported by persuasive arguments and coherent explanations
•Explain your research findings coherently
•Use compelling language that holds your reader’s attention from beginning to end
•Create reports that amplify your authority as a researcher
•A willingness to roll up your sleeves and get writing!
•You’ll need some of your own writing to complete several of the exercises
•You should have a new report in mind that you can use to exercise some of the techniques on the course
Hands-on practice
The only way to improve your writing is to roll up your sleeves and get writing. That’s why we’ve designed Writing an Equity Research Report as a project-based course.
All the assignments on the course contribute to producing a real report. All the exercises are opportunities to develop skills that you can transfer directly and immediately to the research report you are working on.
You’ll also be encouraged to reflect on your own report writing. You’ll find the course particularly useful if you’re working on a report while taking the course, which you could plan, review and improve – while developing your skills.
Course resources
Writing an Equity Research Report gives you a wealth of resources for crafting clearer, punchier, more persuasive reports, including:
•links to free online tools for analysing and improving your writing
•200+-page downloadable course workbook featuring course exercises and assignments – including model answers – and summaries of the key points of each lecture
•links to useful articles and other online sources to help you produce better research reports
Is this the right course for you?
Writing an Equity Research Report has been designed for time-pressed analysts who want to get maximum results from their reports – in the minimum time.
Who this course is for:
•Busy analysts who want to write more effective and compelling research reports
•New graduates in their first role as financial analysts
•Experienced analysts who want to refresh and renew their skills
If you’re looking for a more wide-ranging course that will take you from business writing beginner to the level of a copywriting pro, you might prefer to enrol in one of Clare’s other courses, such as Writing With Confidence.

You will learn

✓ Equity Report Writing
✓ Focuses on the key skills in transforming thorough research into reports that are clear, concise and compelling.


• A willingness to roll up your sleeves and get writing! You’ll need some of your own writing to complete several of the exercises. You should have a new report in mind that you can work on

This course is for

• Equity research analysts; new graduates in their first role as financial analysts
Cambridge University writing tutor & professional copywriter
A University of Cambridge tutor. A professional copywriter.
University of Cambridge tutor Dr Clare Lynch is an expert writer with decades of experience.
Clare hasn’t simply edited the work of other journalists at elite publications, such as The Financial Times. She’s also herself a hugely successful copywriter in her own right.
What’s more, in October 2019, Udemy bestowed their Student Success award on Clare for her dedication to her Udemy students.

20+ years of writing experience
In her 20+ year career, Clare has crafted copy from scratch for elite clients in a wide range of fields, including lifestyle, retail, property, tech, pharma, finance and government.
Over the course of that career, Clare has honed her techniques for getting under any reader’s skin – and crafting messages that instantly resonate with the target audience. Techniques she now shares with over 28,000 students on Udemy.
Clare’s experience as a writer embraces a huge range of writing formats and styles – including case studies, white papers, feature articles, direct mail campaigns, web content, ad copy, video scripts, CEO speeches and brand messaging.

A blogging expert
And as the author of the popular blog Good Copy, Bad Copy, Clare herself has attracted hundreds of thousands of readers to her own writing. Good Copy, Bad Copy has been named on Copyblogger’s list of 15 copywriting and content marketing blogs that will make you more money.

An award-winning teacher
What’s more, Clare has a PhD in English Literature and teaches at the University of Cambridge. She’s also a qualified and highly experienced corporate trainer.
So Clare isn’t merely an expert at her craft. She also knows how to communicate her expertise in a way that’s memorable, entertaining and addictively engaging.
That’s why, in October 2019, Udemy bestowed their Student Success award on Clare for her dedication to her Udemy students.

“She is an incredible teacher that has a special unique ability of keeping her students minds engaged and hanging on her every word.” – BRAD MACE, UDEMY STUDENT

Take a look at some of the clients who’ve benefited from Clare’s expertise:
Aberdeen Asset ManagementAlgomiBNP ParibasBPBrunswick PRDeutsche BankEuropean Banking AuthorityEuropean Central BankThe Financial TimesJudge Business School, University of CambridgeKing’s College, Cambridge Language Centre, University of CambridgeMacquarieMavens of LondonMicrosoftMisys International Banking Systems LtdOfcomPrince’s TrustPrudential UK and EuropeRoyal Bank of ScotlandSainsbury’sSchrodersTowerBrook Capital PartnersTradition (interdealer brokers)REA GroupUBS
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