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Agile Acceptance Test Simplified

A comprehensive guide for Product Owners, Business Analysts and Testers
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– Are you a product owner,  business analyst or any team member looking to distinguish yourself from the rest?
– Are you a test member looking to upgrade yourself with agile acceptance test driven development (ATDD)?
– Are you an agile team developer looking to  get started with agile acceptance test driven development (ATDD)?
– Are you a business representative learning to write acceptance tests?
– Are you looking for something that could transform your team to the most productive team in the organization?
If you relate to one or more of the above criteria then this course is for you.
It is a comprehensive course on creating executable acceptance tests delivered with crystal clear communication.
Automating acceptance tests is gaining more momentum than ever. The course will enable you to master the writing of acceptance tests in the form of tables. These tests can be directly executed, without any need for you to understand or write a single piece of code.
You will be able to assess your knowledge by answering more than 100 quizzes & questions that pop up throughout the course.
Here’s just few feedback of the students received for the other courses by the same instructor:
“Clear concept description :)”
“Great job ! Great explanation of all patterns !”
“It’s really an awesome course. Instructors approach of explaining consequences and solutions is very good and different situations has been explained”
“Your pedagogy skills are amazing, and i have to say that i love your teaching style, everything is so clear and detailed, exactly what i wait for, as a learner. I already knew these patterns but Not as much as you made me understand the deep of some, always by using your smooth progressive/near learner, and logical approach. I really want to point out, how much learning with your course is pleasant and kind of easy. I’d like to thank you for being part of the instructors here, and i hope one day you will create, the same way, a course about the other (GoF) Design Patterns, and then, still other courses about software Design subjects. Be sure i’ll be there to pick them again ! :)”
“Wow, i’m amazed This course is really well done. I have tried so many books to understand design patters, even for dummie books, but not was really working for me. The diagrams and the visual effects help you focus on the exact part of the presentation that the trainer is conveying….Thank you for this wonderfull course, i’ll recomend it to all my friends”

Even though the course is primary for teams following agile methodologies, it is applicable for any one interested in writing business friendly tests that can be directly executed using tools such as FIT.
NOTE for software developers: This course will tell you how to write acceptance tests that are usually done by product owner, business analyst or any business representative.  The course will not elaborate on writing glue code or the fixture code. But you will be able to get started with FIT based Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) after learning to write basic test fixture code from the course.

Join the course with a visually stimulating and engaging content!

You will learn

✓ Differentiate automated acceptance tests from non-automated ones
✓ Identify the shortcomings of not automating agile acceptance tests
✓ Clearly distinguish between executable specification and traditional requirement specification
✓ Identify all the elements of a FIT framework
✓ Develop acceptance tests using FIT
✓ Identify and develop appropriate type of test fixture for a given test case
✓ Value the importance of writing UI-independent tests
✓ Distinguish between different types of test fixtures
✓ Install and run FIT tests
✓ Analyze FIT test report and fix problems in the test
✓ Interpret the test report produced by FIT framework


• Familiarity with agile projects

This course is for

• Product Owners
• Business Analysts
• Agile team members
Technical Trainer, Software Architect (former)
– M.Tech degree in Computer Science from University of Hyderabad, India.
– 18+ years of experience in software industry has helped her acquire deep knowledge in topics ranging from system analysis and requirement engineering to software development, design, architecture and test.
– During her stint, she has worked as Software Developer, Technical Lead, Systems Analyst and Software Architect. 
– Due to her rich experience in corporate industry, she has deep insights into the technical as well as soft-skill challenges faced by the employees of IT organizations. This experience enables her to structure the content of her programs to address these very needs.
SAFe PO/PM certified
SAFe agilist certified
Siemens Certified Software Architect
IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering
IATD “Train the Trainer” certified trainer
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 49m
Language: English
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