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Writer’s Alchemy: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Have the Ultimate Guide to Overcome Writers Block
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Students will be guided to gain awareness of what their writer’s block truly is. Not only will they learn what the root cause of what their writer’s block truly is, but they will learn how to use a guided meditation/ journaling tool provided in this course to overcome these roadblocks. All of which, will be provided in order to overcome the source of their block and get to the other side. This course is simultaneously packed with tips and suggestions in order to enhance the writer’s creative process as a creative professional and receive additional tools that will aid in the success of mastering their creative flow; all while avoid pitfalls!                                             
So get ready to overcome your writer’s block and get ready to go through a series of phenomenal creative breakthroughs.
In the first set of modules, you will be guided to go inwards as we take a look at this block under a healthy scope and undergo a personal evaluation to enhance your creative awareness. If this is you, you will be gaining suggestions, skills, tips, and techniques along the way to enhance the experience of your writing journey, as you work towards getting fully aligned to the mission of completing your creative writing project in the remaining modules. Note that this approach and practice is best to use on a ‘per project’ basis. We advise this because some projects have different needs and require a different set of creative dynamics.

As a final note, rest assure that you’ll be learning some insights about yourself; that once discovered, will last you a lifetime.

ENROLL now if you are ready for this powerful change!

You will learn

✓ Get to the root of your block and rid yourself from writer’s block for good
✓ Access 2 custom meditations that will get you to unblock, align and evolve as a writer
✓ Learn to use a 5 step self-help tool with worksheets provided to you in this course to overcome your block
✓ Learn to find an intention for your novel/ creative writing piece
✓ Learn how to align to your own creative flow state
✓ Empower yourself by learning how to use the laws and principals of alchemy and write to your fullest potential
✓ Learn EXACTLY how to harness your creative process
✓ Access tutorials
✓ Explore a variety of modalities, tips, resources and suggestions to enrich your expirience as a writer
✓ Gain greater awareness and understanding of your story and yourself as a writer
✓ Ultimately liberate yourself to your desired creative flow state


• A notebook and a pen/pencil
• A binder/folder
• A set of headphones

This course is for

• Writers
• Authors
• Creative writers
• Storytellers
Creative Writing
With 4 years of guiding people through meditation; I have helped dozens of the most creative minds get past creative blocks. I am excited to share a course with you that will to rid you of any blocks that you may be facing. Helping people reach their maximum flow state, welcome to this learning center.

Wishing you much success.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 27m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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