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Workplace Praise: Leaders Powerful Motivational Tool

Master effective workplace praise to boost morale, drive engagement and improve performance
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Praising an employee for a great job sounds like a simple exercise, but not all managers get it right, and ineffective praise can do more harm than good.
Done properly, recognition is a great tool for boosting employee morale and for increasing workers engagement and productivity.
In this course you will learn exactly how to go about recognizing and showing your appreciation for a great job so that you engage, energize and help build employee confidence in their own abilities and greatness.
You will learn when to express your appreciation, how to tailor your recognition so it produces the greatest impact for each individual. You will be shown how to get the balance right, both in terms of frequency and when and if to acknowledge the team or just the individual.
It is also important of acknowledge the unsung heroes within your direct reports. This course will show you how to do this.
You will also learn what the common pitfalls are that you need to avoid to ensure your praise doesn’t backfire. This will ensure you don’t end up discouraging instead of encouraging.
How you go about delivering praise will determine its impact and effectiveness. This course guides you through the process to ensure you achieve the right outcomes.
The course includes quizzes that you are invited to complete so that you can test your knowledge and understanding, and there is also an Action Plan to keep you on track with ‘how and when’ you acknowledge your staff efforts and achievements.
This course is all about Positive Feedback designed to reinforce desired behaviours and/or performance. It is an essential complement to Constructive Feedback designed to addresses performance areas or behavioural standards in need of improvement.
As a bonus for you, I have transcribed the wording of this course into an eBook and that is available for you to download as an easy reference.
Please note that this course offers a full 30-day money back guarantee.

You will learn

✓ Master how to praise effectively so as to engage, energize and build employee confidence in their own abilities and greatness.
✓ Learn how to use praise to increase staff morale and engagement.
✓ Increase the performance and productivity of staff.
✓ Benefit from decreased absenteeism and turnover.
✓ A sense of pride and achievement to be enjoyed by both staff and leader.
✓ Encourage learning and development.
✓ Collaborative workforce and increased team loyalty.
✓ Happier environment.
✓ Increased customer satisfaction.
✓ Less job-related accidents.
✓ As a leader, you will gain respect and appreciation.
✓ Become aware of possible reasons as to what might stop you from praising despite having the knowledge, and what to do.


• A desire to use praise as an effective leadership tool.
• There are no official course prerequisites.

This course is for

• Anyone in a leadership role, or aspiring to a leadership role. Supervisors, team leaders, managers, project managers, or anyone else who need to provide encouragement and express appreciation to direct reports.
• PLEASE NOTE: the principles taught in this course are common practice in Australia, New Zealand, United States, and some other countries. Based on what country you work in, you may need to adapt some of the content to the common practices of that country.
Business Skills Corporate Trainer
Silvia Wright-Davies is a Business Improvement Specialist, Performance Coach and a Trainer. 
Over her career life Silvia has been lucky enough to work in a number of different countries, own a number of diverse businesses, and have a highly successful business entrepreneur as an immediate family member and her mentor. This background has equipped Silvia with valuable knowledge and skills that she now shares with businesses owners, management and staff. 
Since 2000 Silvia has been training self employed business owners, and corporations both large and small throughout all of Australia and New Zealand. In 2010 she created the Centre for Achievement which provides online business skills courses for small to medium businesses and she is the author of numerous business improvement courses, including “Powering Ahead with Purpose and Passion”, “Pathway to Excellence” and “Pathway to Achievement”. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 26m
Language: English
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