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Workover Introduction Course

Introduction to the oil wells Workover operations
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This is a Workover introductory course that targets people who are new to the Workover or new to the oil industry in general. In this course you are going to get a gist about different Workover operations aspects. I created this course and my aim is to summarize my experience into this course because I know what it looks like to start from scratch in the field.

So I think this course is a great start for those who have no idea about what it is looking like working in the oilfield so that they can be ready for there next job interview or maybe you are just started to work and you want to keep up to speed with the other workers, so this course is a great start for you:

First, we are going to have an idea about Workover in general; why do we conduct workover operations? And WO considerations such as safety for instance. Then we are going to cover topics related to Well control equipment; WO BOP or blow out preventer; Wellhead and XMT. In chapter three, we are going to have an idea about ; Workover killing methods and workover fluids; Then in chapter four; we will learn about the different Artificial lift Methods; Finally, we are going to wrap this introductory course up by giving you an idea about some Workover terms and the people who are working in the rigs, some of their job titles and their tasks.

After completing this course, you would be set to learn more advanced topics in our next course which is Workover Advanced Course. Please if you have any feedback regarding the course, do not hesitate to leave your comment in the review sections.

You will learn

✓ Meaning of oil wells Workover operations.
✓ Reasons of conducting Workover operations.
✓ Considerations that should be taken into account while performing Workover operations
✓ Well Control Equipment types
✓ What do we mean by Wellhead, BOP and XMT.
✓ Workover Fluids Types and usage
✓ WO killing methods types
✓ Artificial lift methods used in oil and gas wells
✓ Abbreviation Terms in Workover operations.
✓ Who work in oil wells Workover operations.


• A shallow knowledge of oil industry is quite enough.

This course is for

• This course target fresh graduated people who lack oil field experience.
Petroleum Engineer
A Petroleum Engineer who has worked in both oil service and operator companies.
I have worked as an Artificial lift field engineer in Weatherford oil and tools company, and then I joined an operator company to work as work-over well-site leader. Currently , I am working as a reservoir engineer in an oil operator company.
I am passionate about continuous learning and passing knowledge by teaching other people to be better in their career and life.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 22m
Language: English
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