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Word Problem Solving Mastery

How to approach word problems - Identify the big picture, the details & the requirements, then solve the problem easily!
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**Course updated November 2017**
This is the ONLY place where you can learn how to approach word problems systematically and start rocking in math and science studies!
Confused from word problems ? Don’t know where to start ? you are in the right place !
This is what you gonna get from this course:
1 – Improve your achievements in Math, Physics, Statistics, SAT, and more

•If you are a student, you probably learn about word problems during your studies.•However, solving word problems is more than just another topic you learn in mid-school.•In fact, it is considered Basic Skill required to success in almost any topic you learn.•This is the reason to the great impact of getting this skill under your belt can have on so many aspects in your studies and life!2 – Learn how to approach word problems systematically
•Solving word problems involves more than just developing and solving equations.•It is mainly a PROCESS that includes Analysis, Decomposition and Abstraction activities.•What you currently know as a “Solution” is only the final step in the process.•The process of Solving Word Problems means Breaking Down a situation into simpler, more manageable pieces, before starting to develop equations.3 – Achieve more goals with less efforts
•What acquiring the skills of Analysis, Decomposition and Abstraction actually give you is the ability to approach any situation more effectively than most people•Wherever you decide to progress in your studies, these skills will become more and more crucial for you to achieve brilliant success.•Word Problems are the best tool to develop mastery in these techniques4 – Learn to think and act the way brilliant peoples do.
•Now that you know about these benefits, you need to choose between two options:•Acquire these skills and enjoy your studies and watch how anyone else around struggling to pass their next exam, or•Spend weeks and months struggling with Statistics, Chemistry or Physics studies5 – Never be surprised with tricky exam problems, ever.
•In this course, we will learn the how to execute the steps in the process of solving word problems.•We will  show exactly how to implement these steps using several kinds of problems, such as Age problems and Interest problems. •You will learn to understand the “Big Picture”, organize the Details and Define the Requirements in the problem clearly, this way you won’t let complex situation mislead you again ever.
6 – Structure of the course
The course is built of these major parts
•In the First part of this course, we’ll get an understanding of few basic concepts.•In the Second part we get to know the process itself, step by step•In the Third part, we will apply the process to specific types of problems such as Age problems, Work problems and Interest problems.Each part includes walkthrough exercises and quizzes to help you get the knowledge into practice and increase your level of confidence.
7- Course requirements
•Knowledge in solving a system of equations. •Some previous experience with word problems is desirable8 – Who should take this course?
•Mid school Students•High School Students•College Students•Math teachers and Parents – Who want to give their students and kids better chances to succeed in higher studies9 – What’s inside?
•Clear and focused lessons. •High Quality audio and video. •Detailed solved examples. •Practice problems and Walkthroughs •Printable material •Clear and friendly tutor. •Q&A section to clarify any question and doubt 10 – See you inside !


Nate, Eduactivity founder

You will learn

✓ Approach word problems confidently and efficiently to get better achievements in less time and efforts
✓ Reason and communicate ideas and solutions with friends and teachers
✓ Get to know your exact strengths and weaknesses in math and be able to improve them.
✓ Find enjoyment in mathematics and problem solving


• Familiarity with Mid School Algebra
• A pen and a paper

This course is for

• Mid School to High School students
Teaching to Success in Math and Science
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 46m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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