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Wing Chun Sil Lim Tao – M3 Fitness – Competition

It is time to start real time testing what you have learned. Now that you know your enemy, this is time to get in positi
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Table of contents


You will learn

✓ Understanding the need for conditioning
✓ The skills behind correct defending and attacking
✓ Focused attacking, gap bridging tactics
✓ Real time competition training
✓ Protective cover training
✓ Defending when downed
✓ Combo training


• Interested in fitness and self-defence
• An open mind and willingness to learn

This course is for

• Anyone wanting an alternative to regular fitness training
• Anyone interested in Wing Chun Kung Fu
• Anyone interested in CQC and self-defence
Kung Fu Master – Sifu Wong Is the Founder of MWS – KT3
Is the Founder of  MWS – KT3 System
Master Wong is known for his popularity on Youtube as one of the most recognized Martial Artists online. With almost 2,150,000 subscribers and 250,915,456 viewers on his channel, Master Wong is the most honest and direct Master you’ll ever come across. Known for being brutally honest and funny, he’s shown the world that being fearlessly authentic brings home the most loyal fans.
 His early life began with much trouble. Being bullied as a child got him into many conflicts that affected the quality of his education, leading him to leave school early at a young age and continue down a difficult road of struggle with many obstacles.
His hard work allowed him to open his first food business at the age of 19. Realizing that life as a chef was not his path, he followed his passion for Martial Arts and began his new business, opening his own academy to now, providing online courses and content to the global market. Deciding this was a better career option, he then taught himself how to use computer programs to produce quality videos and tools he could then use to constantly improve and update his online platform.
 He later began to learn about website design and layout, so he was able to craft his own sites the way he wanted them and through this, created his own unique formatting style. This path has opened many doors and opportunities that he’d never dreamed of. Things like, experiencing motion capture, Martial Arts choreography, becoming an icon, having his own show and much much more. Master Wong came to the realization that he could not only interact with his loyal fans but he could actually help them and build online communities that would be there for each other for life.
With the success he’s had today, he now realizes he can push the limits further and not just help people on the Martial Art side of things, but also help people to build better health within themselves. Great health comes in all shapes and sizes, and Master Wong has learned that with health, wealth will follow; once your body and mind are united. Dreams can easily be achieved once you have that in place. After all, if your body was a Ferrari, wouldn’t you feed it the best that you could
It’s important to make health a top priority in order to stay focused in life.
“There are many ways to help people. But I don’t believe in giving a man a fish to feed himself for a day, I want to teach a man to fish so he can feed himself and others for a lifetime! I want to show people how they can heal themselves from the inside out and help them build the confidence they need to focus on their goals and dreams or to find their purpose in life.”
Master Wong’s book will equip you with tools to help you overcome all the modern-day challenges we face. The mission is to raise awareness, to help you become the very best version of yourself.
If you are interested in becoming a member, get started on our training course or becoming a qualified instructor feel free to contact us with any queries or question
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 52m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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