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Watercolour Wellbeing: Forget Me Nots (mini tutorial)

Let’s relax, enjoy and learn something new. Join me to explore the wonder of Watercolour painting. As an Artist &amp Yoga Teacher, I guide us through waterc...
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Table of contents


Let’s relax, enjoy and learn something new.

Join me to explore the wonder of Watercolour painting. As an Artist & Yoga Teacher, I guide us through watercolour painting techniques, Pranayama (breathing exercises) & meditation.

Two things that are wonderful for your wellbeing, Art and Yoga come together in one mini tutorial. In this session we are inspired by Forget Me Nots. Forget Me Nots represent true love and treasured memories.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • Brusho watercolour ink
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation that encourages us to connect to our creativity and quieten our ‘inner critic’
  • Breathing techniques that will help you relax and declutter your mind
  • Linking our breath with your brush
  • Letting go of perfection and trusting the process
  • Our intentions, setting out to create rather then focusing on the end result
  • Making mistakes, allowing for those ‘beautiful oops’ moments to come through

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Think your art would benefit from some guidance
  • Are in search of fresh inspiration and finding more flow
  • Would like to learn/explore how to use watercolours
  • Believe there isn’t a creative bone in your body, I believe there is!
  • Would like to let go of thoughts of self judgment
  • Want to create time to nourish your physical and mental wellbeing

All levels of creative experience are welcome. Whether you are a practicing artist seeking fresh inspiration and flow or are curious to tap into the abundance of creativity that already resides within you.

You may want to dress for a little mess, Brusho are a highly pigmented watercolour and may temporarily stain your fingers (mine are a nice shade of blue most of the time!) and will mark your clothing.

Creative Wishes

Lisa (I work under my Nan’s name, Iris Hill, as a tribute to her)

You will learn

In this tutorial you will create a Forget Me Not inspired piece(s) of art. Forget Me Nots represent true love and treasured memories, I love their powder blue colour and sunshine yellow centres. We take a calming moment by bringing our awareness to our breath. This fluid connection to our breath will prepare you for your wonderful watercolour painting. We will celebrate the process of creativity throughout the session, embracing our mistakes and making way for serendipity to flow into our art.

The tutorial has been created in bitesize nuggets of inspiration.

Part 1 A warm friendly welcome from me and further details on our art materials.

You will need:

  • Watercolour paper
  • Watercolour paints/Brusho watercolour ink
  • Water jars
  • Pencil
  • Paint brushes
  • Palette (optional)

Part 2:  We settle our breath, settle our minds and get comfortable. Breathing well with awareness is proven to have many benefits to our wellbeing. We invite serenity into our bodies by gently deepening out breath, how we breath can influence our thoughts and feelings, our breath can help soothe us. Let’s quieten any thoughts of our inner critics! we encourage this feeling of calm and fluidity to shine through in our painting.

Part 3:  Spending time observing our inspirational Forget Me Nots, we play with Brusho, we will fill the page with painterly petals. A watercolour meditation practice, handing control over to our watercolours and enjoying watching the paints flow to their own natural rhythm.

Part 4: A final thought and thank you from me. Wherever you are with your art, enjoy your journey!

I would love to see your art, please post your Forget Me Not inspired creativity in the gallery.


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Creativity, Art & Yoga
Creativity, Art & Yoga


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Platform: Skillshare
Video: 11m
Language: English
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