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Water Farming 101

Gardening, farming, Water, soil, Hydro, Aqua - 30 min crash course on joining dots in Agriculture, Farming and New Tech.
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Platform: Udemy
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” 13000 years – and plant care is still the same.

That’s because mom nature’s rules don’t change.

* * * * * * *

This course is designed to give you exactly that – a clear and comprehensive picture into the workings of Mother Nature’s forces.
Understand concepts like Rhizosphere, pH etc. – with new visualizations. When you understand how something works – applying it becomes so much simpler.
Everyone has something to say. There are words being used loosely across the internet. With knowledge of techniques like DWC and NFT – no one can confuse you into buying something that you shouldn’t.
The planet is clearly slapping us. She’s telling us our ways are not sustainable. If you care – this course will give you tremendous insights.

* * * * * * *

“….This course will join many dots for you.

•Bacteria( or not)
•Vertical Farming
•Nutrient Solution
•Water quality
•Rock Gravel
•Nitrite poisoning
•TDS meters … does it ever end ?

* * * * * * *

All farming – is water farming. When soil doesn’t have water – it becomes desert. Nothing grows there.
This audio visual experience is designed to thread together all the pieces of the biggest gift we humans have – the ability to grow our own food.

* * * * * * *

•Water farming basics
•Bacteria and Nitrifying cycle
•Methods and techniques
•Water parameters and why
The course is spread over 30 small videos. Some chapters have associated resources where you can learn more. If you need anything – just write a comment.

“….There will be many ‘a-ha’ moments.

* * * * * * *

Next decade is about saving the planet – while feeding more people.
We humans – are the only animal that grows its own food. And this business of Agriculture has brought together fantastic business models. The battlefield is getting drawn out.
* * * * * * *
Knowledge is everything. Be prepared.

You will learn

✓ EXPLAINED : New age Jargon around water-farming
✓ EXPLAINED : Exact methods of Aquaponics and Hydroponics
✓ Insights that will make you a better cultivator
✓ Mother nature’s forces in new visualizations


• No specific experience or skill needed.

This course is for

• If you’re curious about how plants grow – this course has everything you need to know.
Rooftop Farmer at Pluckit
» 65 different veggies harvested from my rooftop» Rice, Stevia, Corn – and a range of heirlooms» Rich experience with Water-farming methods» Selling Spinach from my rooftop
– – – – – –
I have built 2 compact systems –
Bucketponics cost effectively uses buckets and will grow 4 -5 plants together.
The 8 feet x 2 feet plastic tub can grow 100 spinach plants together.
– – – – – –
Aquaponics is the most sustainable method of growing food. Especially in your backyard or your rooftop.
No poison of any kind – everything grows naturally.
No accelerators or artificial chemicals – the plants develop flavors naturally.
High nutrition because food is freshly harvested.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 40m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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