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Voyage To Betterment Wellness Class

An 8 Hour Course to Optimize Wellbeing & Immunity. Proven Effective & Recommended by both medical and holistic doctors.
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New Advancements & Potentials To Complement any Wellness Plan
Based on the acclaimed film Voyage To Betterment featuring Dr David R Hawkins, MD, T Colin Campbell Phd, Dr Neal Barnard MD, and introducing some of the world’s foremost healers & medical Intuitives including Dr Kam Yuen DC, founder of The Yuen Method, Larry Steel founder of Bicomputer Operating System, Atherton Drenth, healer and author of Following Body Wisdom & the incredible Lori Wilson, who taught medical intuition to thousands of professionals in her Inner Access 101 School of Medical Intution.
A highly effective educational approach to optimize immunity, super charge inner power and remove any hidden obstacles preventing us from living our dreams. Designed with critical point analysis to focus on the critical elements without fluff, this 8 hour class that can be done in one day, can have more value than many multi-year health care educations.
Originally a 16 hour online course, it has been reworked and condensed to 8 hours of mainly video so that students can view it all in one day if they wish. There is no need for strenuous work either. Students benefit simply by viewing videos and being part of the field.
3 Simple Steps to Complete this Online Class:
1. View and listen to about 8 hours of entertaining and educational video including:
a) Unlimited views of Voyage to Betterment Film, now available only on Udemy
b) The Voyage to Betterment Nutrition & Cooking Class Video Workshop,
c) The Voyage to Betterment Full Day Workshops filmed in front of a live audience
2. Read the 30 page student guide & implement the lifestyle recommendations one wishes.

3. Do the Homework: A daily 10 minute contemplative practice for 90 days.
That’s it. Simple and Proven Effective.
Join over 20,000 that have already jumped on board the Voyage to Betterment.
This Wellness Class has evolved over 20 years. The content was first revealed in the 2009 film Voyage to Betterment with Doctors T Colin Campbell, Neal Barnard MD & David R Hawkins MD, then tested on 400 people in the Body Mind Spirit Challenge in 2013. Before & after blood & stress tests show the work effective at optimizing well being & dramatically reducing stress & illness. This work continues to evolve and has led to the development of Samyana. This Wellness Class is a great place to start as it builds a foundation for excellence in health, healing arts, relationships, athletics, work and success,  
This Online Course is updated & includes Andrew’s recent collaboration with 97 year old Margaret Chaney who remains sharp as a whip. In 1995 Veritas published Margaret’s book Red World Green World and her discovery that there are 2 distinct types of people on the planet. She gave half the world the arbitrary name Red World and the other half Green World. She tested over 8000 people and hundreds of different foods and the food and influences that make one group strong make the other weak. This work is decades ahead of the status quo and the value of her work did not elude David R Hawkins MD. He said that she made an important discovery that corroborated his 45 years of clinical experience. Students can discover how to know whether one is Red World or Green World and what foods are best consumed and others best avoided. implement her discovery to maximize immunity right now in this wellness class and includes the recently updated and extended list of foods that benefit one and not the other. It is not only foods but medicines too, and Margaret Chaney’s medical doctors has been using her lists for years. There is no need to wait until the scientific and medical community catch up, learn everything here now.
Lifestyle Freedom: This work takes no position on which way to eat is best. The film does document with before and after blood tests whether a group of young healthy normal people could benefit by eating a vegetarian diet for 30 days. Surprisingly for some, this group of regular healthy people actually dramatically improved their estimated risk of developing illness and grew on average 4 years biologically younger. The course provides all the cooking and food lessons the group used to dramatically improve their resilience to all illness. For those who wish to go optimize health with a plant based diet this course outlines the straight and narrow path. For those who wish to optimize health without going veg, this course outlines the critical points to Margarets Chaney advanced approach to select the foods that make us stronger. Whereas Green World people are strengthened by rice and fish, Red World people are strengthened by steak and potatoes. The course supports everyone’s freedom to eat, exercise & believe whatever we wish. What we believe matters most because that is what will affect us most.
Every individual is unique and so it is imperative that students use their own discretion prior to following any recommendations. Please do not take this class if you are not prepared to take full responsibility for your own level of health and happiness. Prior to making any changes to lifestyle seek the advice of your doctor.

You will learn

✓ Proven approach to dramatically decrease biological age & continuously increase inner strength and resilience to all illness.
✓ Benefits:
✓ Minimize: Stress, Anxiety, Conflicts, Colds, Risk of Illnesses
✓ Maximize: Immunity, Inner Power, Longevity, Productivity
✓ Spiritual: More joy, love, happiness, sense of purpose
✓ The net cost of the course is less than zero. Students may make a monetary profit by saving hundreds & even thousands of dollars every year as we learn how to distinguish between the foods, supplements and therapies that benefit us and those that don’t.
✓ However, the greatest benefit can not be measured by time or money. Numerous people have testified that the course is the best thing they have ever done. The critical point to optimize well being is lifting our spiritual state, and that is the only thing we can take with us when we go. Now that is worth more than all the money in the world.


• No pre requisites required to take this course. It is best to come with an empty cup.
• The material in this class is for informational and educational purposes only. Every person and situation is unique so you should use proper discretion, in consultation with a health care practitioner, before undertaking any of the recommendations, protocols, diets, techniques, training methods, exercises or anything else described herein. Voyage to Betterment and the author expressly disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects that may result from the use or application of the information contained herein.

This course is for

• Compliments any individuals, professional or corporate wellness plan
At Your Service
Andrew Facca began mentoring in childhood. An innate leader and athlete he was selected by his peers to captain, train & player coach dozens of soccer & basketball teams. An intuitive capacity to envision complex business plans in a flash emerged in his teens and led to early success & the creation of several businesses with hundreds of employees.With early success also came chronic back pain, migraines, health issues, severed relationships, heart ache and depression. Then after hitting rock bottom he was lifted by Amazing Grace to a state of awe and profound gratitude free of suffering. Progressively he healed or improved everything. With an immense compassion for all those who have suffered as he did he gave up business and the pursuit of success to do his best to help others in need. This led him to the door of world renowned healers, doctors & scientists including David R Hawkins MD. In the process, the intuitive capacity in business further evolved into heightened states of clairsentience and claircognizance where it often became possible to know the underlying hidden contributors to nearly anyone’s illness or issue. Andrew is a film producer, author, speaker and a spiritual healer. He is the creator of the Voyage to Betterment, The Body Mind Spirit Challenge and Samyana Spiritual Healing. Samyana is sanskrit for Voyaging Together. The common theme of the work is to help others experience that we are not helpless victims to thousands of diseases, injury or heart ache. Instead there is a power deep inside each of us, that can prevent, heal, reverse or improve nearly anything. The work has been featured in theatres, Colleges, yoga studios, churches, magazines, newspapers, radio and TV, including the CBC, CTV, CTS & City TV Breakfast. He also found it possible to get answers to any questions in life by sitting on a Rock in Sedona, so he does a lot of that too.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 10h 25m
Language: English
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