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Vocal Toning: well being and stress relief with your voice

A sound healing technique exploiting the vibration of your voice. Effective for health, relaxation and stress reduction.
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Vocal Toning is a powerful sound healing technique which uses the vibration of your voice for stress relief and relaxation by creating a real body and mind massage from the inside out. Vocal Toning is a boost for your physical and mental health.
In this course, you will learn how the use of your voice can affect your body and mind to focus and relax, release negative emotions, reduce stress, and improve concentration and self-esteem.
No pre-requisite is needed: Vocal Toning requires no skill or singing talent, anyone can do it: you just need your voice.
The course is designed to be usable by everyone: it is concise so that it can also be done all in a row and the lecture appears as script so one can read along for easy understanding.
It is structured in 18 lessons divided into 4 sections, and every section is followed by a quiz to check what you’ve learnt.
•The first section is dedicated to explaining what “sound healing” is and how it works, with a particular focus on the technique of Vocal Toning.
•The second section deals with breathing (with a guide to how abdominal breathing is practised) and the technique of intentional humming.
•The third section is entirely dedicated to the chakras, what they are, what happens when they do not work as they should, and how to balance them by using your voice. Chakras are explained in a clear way for those unfamiliar with this topic.
•The fourth and last section includes the complete session of Vocal Toning for the rebalancing of the chakras.
The course ends with a healing song that I have sung for you: my voice will take the vibrations you have generated with your voice even more deeply.
Everything is vibration, and “good vibes” can help heal our lives. Vocal Toning and Sound Healing are simple tools to reduce stress and cultivate happiness.
Your voice is a miracle!

You will learn

✓ Once you’ve finished this course, you will be able to use your voice for well-being and stress reduction.
✓ The practice of Vocal Toning helps relaxation, self-centering, balance and self-esteem.


• No prior knowledge of sound healing or specific pre-requisite is requested.No singing skill or ability to carry a tune is necessary.A quiet place for toning without being heard or interrupted. Even a small place will do.Ear-Buds can be useful, though not strictly necessary.

This course is for

• This course is for anybody who wants to reach a state of well-being, positivity and energy.
• If you feel tired or stressed and you are looking for relaxation, Vocal Toning is for you.
• The course is also meant for those who are curious about the voice and its potentialities.
Singer and Vocal Toning teacher.
My name is Laura Normanno, I’m Italian, and I am passionate about voice and its use.I am a singer, and I have studied voice techniques for over twenty years, always experimenting with new ways for this incredible instrument and its immense potentialities.A few years ago, a setback. A severe illness, I risked not being the same as before … An endless convalescence, months of bed and darkness.Spontaneously, perhaps because it was the only thing I could do, I began to use my voice to comfort me, to recover the energy. I did not know, but I was doing Vocal Toning: my instinct for the voice had crossed this incredible sound healing technique.I decided that I had to share this discovery, this incredibly powerful and delicate instrument.  I studied, I formalised what I had spontaneously experienced, and I started my way to make Vocal Toning known, to let people know that voice is gold we all have in our hands, we only have to know how to use it and trust it.I teach Vocal Toning to individuals and groups, helping them to find their way to health and well being through their voice.I give sound massages where I use my voice, creating sounds in dialogue with the chakras, mantras and songs of shamanic inspiration. My vocal massages, called Vocal Essence, bring body and mind into a state of balance and relaxation and help in difficult physical and emotional situations.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 8m
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