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VMware VCPVCD510 Certified Professional 5 IaaS Practice Exam

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Sample Questions:
The administrator analyzes the performance and resources for the VDC and the suppliers discover that they did not use the resources of the ESXI Host, .An additional investigation revealed that the host of ESXI Do not use all The resources, despite the adequate total demand. What are the two conditions can cause this problem? (Choose two.)
The host of ESXi was appointed conflicting DKR organization.
The ESXi host is disconnected from the inner VCD.
The host of ESXi has not prepared as a VCD host.
The ESXi host was alleged that the contradictory VDCs of suppliers.

The user must configure the firewall rules on the organization’s network. What type of network should the user deploy?
External routing
external direct

What purpose does resources provide to create the VDC organization?
external network
DRS Cluster.
Resource background
VDC provider

An administrator must move the ESXi host from a controlled cluster support center. What three actions should the administrator take the Support Center to enter the node in maintenance mode in VCenter Server? (Choose three.)
Disable ESXi Host Organization VDC
Without receiving at the ESXi host
Disable the supplier of the ESXi VDC host provider.
Redistribute all VMS to another ESXi host.
Extraction of the ESXi host.

The network group supported by the existing port group was completely provisioned (25 of the 25 networks have been implemented). As Administrator can provide more opportunities to create additional organizational networks?
Increase the number of networks in the properties of the network group.
Creation of a new network group and attach to the VDC organization
The creation of additional groups of ports in vSphere distributed the switch and add them to the network group.
Remove the entire VAPP network configured and recreate a large pool network.

The system administrator configures the VCLOUD object for Support Networks VAPP, which can improve the VLAN network, or Port vSphere Group VCloud. Does that give the system administrator?
external network
Red pool

What are two action courses needed when you configure VSHIELD Manager for a new VCD installation? (Choose two.)
From vCenter, locate the VSM drive and select File> Implement OVF templates.
With the type of VSM console it can be prepared for the configuration process.
With the installation of the VSM console type to be prepared for the configuration process.
From vcenter, create an RHEL 5 VM and download the .bin file.

The administrator can not load media in the service catalog. What are two possible reasons? (Choose two.)
Directory is disabled. The media are not in ISO / FLP format.
The media are not in OVF format.
Java version 1.6 or later is not installed
The administrator must implement the VSM VCD support unit.

As an administrator should do?
Deploying the VSM unit through vCenter. Prepare to configure with the VSM command include the console. Start installation
The implementation of the VSM device using vCenter.
Start installation Registration VSM plug. Initialize synchronization with the VSM.
Deploying Binary Files VSM as RHEL 5 VM. Preparation for a command to enable the VSM console. Start installation
Deploying Binary Files VSM as RHEL 5 VM. Start installation Initialize the synchronization with VSM vsm.

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