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Video Presentations: Screenshare & Talking Head Blueprint

Presentations Mastery: HQ Presentation & Filming. Enhance your body language. Learn video editing tricks in camtasia.
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With 30+ successful Udemy courses, Roy, Adam, Dragos& Richard have amassed 50,000+ students and over 4000 Top Reviews.
Doyou find it difficult to present in front of the camera? Do you struggle toattract and maintain the viewer’s attention? Maybe you find it odd to seerecordings of yourself and think that your voice, body language and charismacould be better.
The truthis even if you had experience presenting in front of other people before,producing compelling videos can often be more challenging because you lack thecrowd’s feedback and you can’t take on their energy.
Our Story
You wouldthink that we were naturally good at presenting in front ofthe camera, but in reality we had our own growing pains.
Forexample, before launching his first Udemy course, Dragos had doubts whether hewould be a successful communicator in this medium. He decided to launch thefirst course no matter what and the feedback he received was excellent. Bymaking a conscious effort to continuously improve, he managed to bring hispresentation skills to the next level. It seems silly to him now that he everdoubted he could make it.
Dr. Roy, on the other hand, had been conducting self-improvement training for over twenty years. However, only a year ago had he decided to start his own online business and begin generating passive income. Let’s face it, endeavor like this at the age of 50 is quite a challenge but this is also why it has been so rewarding. Remember, it’s never too late to take that next step.

What This Course Will Teach You
Webelieve that any learning process can be hacked. All it takes is a desire totake action, commitment and the right guidance.
We canprovide you with the last element – through our experience we know the exacthacks and focus points that you need to understand in order to become a betterpresenter. This applies to both filming yourself in front of the camera &doing high quality screenshare videos.
As such,this course contains:
•The On-Camera Fundamentals: Learn to use pauses, play with your tone of voice, maintain eye contact and other tricks that will revolutionize your speaking technique•Non-Verbal Communication 101: Improve your body language and charisma by understanding the variety of communication patterns at your disposal•The Screenshare Blueprint: Engage & fascinate your audience through the power of your voice when doing screenshare videosAs a BONUS, we’ve also included an entire section onfilming & recording technicalities covering on-camera tips & tricks,how to record using a microphone and Camtasia editing fundamentals to produce your videos by yourself.
The Guarantee
We’reconfident that our combined experience will help you become a better presenterand produce mind-blowing videos that can earn you passive income. There arealso a variety of FREE preview lectures so that you can convince yourself ofthe quality of this course.
Additionally, you have a 30 day money back guarantee – so there is absolutely no risk whenpurchasing this course. If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll guarantee toprovide you with structured feedback on a video that you produce, so that youreceive actionable advice to help you improve your presentation skills
Take Action & Enroll Now!
There isno better time to take action than now. If you truly want to channel your innertalent & become a better on-camera presenter, then take this course now and meet us in the virtual classroom!

You will learn

✓ Use Eye Contact To Look Confident, Trustworthy & Respectful
✓ Grasp The Power of Pauses
✓ Learn About The Law Of Auto-Suggestion
✓ Manage Your Tone Of Voice
✓ Find Out & Master The Most Useful Hand Gestures To Improve Your Expressivity When Presenting
✓ Understand Which Hand Gestures You Need To Generally Avoid In Front Of The Camera
✓ Understand When You Should Use A Teleprompter & How You Should Use It The Right Way
✓ Produce & Cut Your Videos In Order To Make Them Look Smooth & Professional
✓ Understand The Difference A Professional Microphone Does When Recording Screenshare & Know Which One To Buy
✓ Engage Your Audience With The Power Of Your Voice When Doing Screenshare By Mastering Your Pitch, Intonation & Volume
✓ Master The Technical Aspects Of Camtasia & Avoid All The Time-Consuming Mistakes


• Relax
• Open your mind
• Absorb the knowledge

This course is for

• This course is suitable for anyone, who wants to massively improve their video presentation skills, as well as, learn to create amazing screenshare videos
Medical Doctor, Coach, Award Winning Instructor
Richard Korbut owns a professional film & media company with a mission to transform the field of education through interactive learning based on engagement, step-by-step instruction and actionable material.
We work with passionate individuals seeking to add value to the world by:
Creative Direction – Transforming boring content into captivating education Filming – Documenting the content in an engaging way Production – Top quality post-production to add pizazz to each course Marketing – Ensuring that the word is spread to the public & changes the lives of each and every student We also serve clients ranging from filming & producing weddings & festivals to directing multi-location exotic documentaries.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 55m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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