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Verilog Programming with Xilinx ISE Tool & FPGA

In 4.5 hours you will: Create VHDL Design, Write Simulation Testbenches,Implement Design with Xilinx ISE Tool & FPGA.
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>>>> This is Crash Course on Verilog Programming which includes Verilog Basics to Advance Design <<<<
This Course of Verilog HDL Programming for Beginners is targeted for those enthusiasts and beginners who want to get idea of Verilog, Its programming methodology, Syntax, Operators, Always Block,Conditional Statements-Case/IF else, Writing Simulation Testbench etc. We have started this course from very basic to the designing combinational and sequential circuits (including Finite State Machine) Design.We have used Xilinx ISE Design suit in this course because of it’s License is free from Xilinx (You just need to make a user account and follow: our Video Lecture on this Course “How to Get free Xilinx ISE Design suit License” ).
We have showed up you the implementation of Projects of ISE and Spartan 3E & Nexys 2 FPGA and there are some Demo of the implementation on Spartan 3E & Nexys 2FPGA. Finally we have Session on “How to Create PROM File with ISE and Program PROM of Spartan 3E & Nexys 2 FPGA”.
So you can practice this course on Xilinx ISE Design Suit or Altera Quartus Suit.

You will learn

✓ Familiar with Verilog HDL Syntax and Semantics.
✓ Use fundamental Verilog constructs to create simple designs.
✓ Creating Synthesizable designs in Verilog HDL
✓ To Create Simulation testbench on Verilog and generating waveform’s.
✓ Use of Conditional Statements as If, Case & Loops with Always block for designing different combinational and sequential components.
✓ Use Xilinx ISE Design Suit (license of ISE is Free) for FPGA/ASIC based design in Verilog.
✓ Design with structural design methodology on Verilog.
✓ Create a PROM File with ISE and Program PROM of FPGA


• Basic Idea of C Programming
• Familiarity with Digital Logic Design
• Hardware Design Basics
• Basic Idea of Logic Simulation

This course is for

• Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
• Electrical Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Hardware Design with FPGA enthusiasts
• Digital Design with FPGA enthusiasts
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Digitronix Nepal is an FPGA Design Company. As of the initiative of “Democratizing FPGA Education all over the World”, Digitronix Nepal have partnered with LogicTronix for creating online learning courses and tutorials on “FPGA, VHDL/Verilog, High Level Synthesis (HLS), MATLAB/System Generator, SDAccel, SDSoC, Pynq Development, etc.”Digitronix Nepal believes that with the “Ultra Low Cost and FREE Courses” on FPGA Design enthusiast from any country can learn and explore on the Field of FPGA Design and grab opportunities on this field.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 5h 33m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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