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VCE Biology Unit 4 week 1- genetic changes in populations

Changes in the Genetic Makeup of a Population
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This course is the first in a series of courses that will cover the VCE Biology Unit 4 content.
In this course you will be taught:
– The effects of gene follow and genetic drift on a population including the bottleneck and founder effects
– The different types of point and block mutations
– The different types of chromosomal abnormalities including trisomy and monosomy
– The process of natural selection and evolution

Each video includes
– Colourful, easy to follow diagrams
– Good tempo of explanations
– Summary dot points
– Summary slide at the end of the course

For less than the price of a weekly tutor you can have a detailed explanation of all the VCE Biology Unit 4 content. This content can also be used to revise by going back through the short lectures to find particular topics you’re not confident with and relistening to them. The summary video and slide are also useful for a quick brush up before an assessment.

I really enjoy teaching Biology and breaking down what can seem like difficult concepts into simple explanations. I also like to give helpful memory tools along the way and relatable examples. I look forward to making your journey through biology easier by providing a fresh perspective on the topic. I hope to see you in my courses soon. Cheers, Allison.

You will learn

✓ In this course we will cover the changes that occur in the genetic makeup of a population including:
✓ Gene Flow
✓ Genetic Drift (bottleneck and founder effects)
✓ Mutations
✓ Chromosomal Abnormalities
✓ Natural Selection and Evolution


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This course is for

• This course is targeted at VCE biology Students however this course is still suitable for anyone interested in biology.
Biomedical Science Graduate
Hi, I’m Allison
I am currently a medical student in my final years and I have also completed a bachelor of biomedical science. In looking back at my VCE biology studies, I realised that biology really makes up the foundations of what I learn about everyday and what doctors use in making their decisions everyday.
A confession though… I didn’t really enjoy biology in highschool. It felt very dry and things just wouldnt stick. Now that I’m in the medical field I have a new found wonder of biology and I want to help you find yours. I designed this school with the aim of providing videos that break down biology to the simple concepts and then build them back up with more of the details as well as real life examples.
I hope to ignite some interest in you for your biology studies and make it easier to learn. Peace.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 52m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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