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US History Part 2: 1877 – Present

An engaging overview of American History from the Gilded Age and industrialization through to Modern America.
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This fantastic course covers everything you need to know about the second half of American History. Straightforward and engaging videos break down each topic to the most important elements so you can understand even the most complicated issues. Each video lesson comes with a guided notes worksheet that you can fill out as you watch.
The course begins with a look at look at Gilded Age America after the end of Reconstruction in 1877. It continues on into the 20th Century and the ,events made America a world power. There are 8 total units of study:
•The Gilded Age
•The Progressive Era and Imperialism
•World War 1
•The Roaring 20’s and Great Depression
•World War 2
•The Cold War Era
•The Civil Rights Movement
•Modern America
In addition to the videos and guided notes, each unit includes an important primary source document or secondary reading to further help you understand the main aspects of that era in American History. These important documents include
•The Gilded Age
•Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle
•W.E.B. DuBois on soldiers returning from WWI
•The Tulsa Massacre

Answer keys for these are included to help you check your own understanding.
Finally, each unit concludes with a short quiz to test your understanding of the content.
This is the perfect course for any student looking to learn about early American History, for parents looking to support their children in their history courses, or students preparing for an exam and looking for help.

You will learn

✓ This course covers American History from end of the beginning of the Gilded Age through the 20th Century and up to Modern America.


• There are no prerequisites or requirements needed for the course.

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• The course is perfect for anyone interested in learning about US History, from middle school students through adults.
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I started out teaching at a high school in Tampa, Florida and was literally handed a couple textbooks and wished good luck. I struggled. I realized that my students weren’t responding to the “traditional” teaching methods I experienced in high school.
So, I tried new things. I experimented with lessons that were more interactive. I listened to my students and created resources that I knew would excite their interests.
Now almost 20 years later, I created Students of History to share my World History, US History, and Civics resources with teachers and students around the world.

Platform: Udemy
Video: 9h 58m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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