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Update to Modern C++

Refresh and update your C++ skills!
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Platform: Udemy
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This course is intended for C++ developers who wish to update and refresh their C++ skills, especially those who have been using other languages for several years. You will learn about the new language features, how they make programming in C++ less painful and more productive, and how to use them idiomatically,
If you’re used to traditional C++, Modern C++ will feel like a different language. It is safer, more expressive and more efficient. With Modern C++, you no longer need to work with explicit pointers to memory, which you have to allocate and release yourself. Complex loops can be greatly simplified, or even avoided altogether. Better abstractions remove the amount of “boilerplate” code you have to type in, leaving you free to concentrate on the problem you are trying to solve.
Modern C++ will reduce your development time and make your code easier to maintain and more likely to be correct and efficient. It avoids many situations which cause undefined program behaviour, resulting in less time spent on debugging and fewer defect reports.
The course begins with a review of C++ as of the 1998/2003 standards, including exceptions, templates and the Standard Template Library. If you have not used C++ for some time, this will allow you to revise and refresh your existing knowledge.
We then cover the changes in 2011 and 2014, starting with the core language and the standard library. Important new features such as lambda expressions, move semantics and multithreading have their own sections. Finally, there is some advice on how to use good practice when writing Modern C++ code.
Each lecture contains a demonstration of the features being covered and has downloadable resources: the source code used in the video, exercises and solutions for the exercises. These are fairly simple and test your understanding of the topic you have just learnt.
At the end of each section, there is a workshop, again with solutions. These are more challenging than the lecture exercises and may combine different topics, sometimes from different parts of the course.
After successfully completing this course, you will have a good knowledge of the new features in Modern C++ and how to use them.

You will learn

✓ Refreshed knowledge of older C++
✓ The new language features in modern C++
✓ How to program idiomatically in modern C++
✓ How to write multi-threaded code in modern C++


• Knowledge of C++ at Intermediate level (inheritance, STL, etc)
• Access to a compiler which supports C++14 or above
• Understanding of multi-threading concepts

This course is for

• C++ developers who wish to refresh and update their skills
Software developer and instructor, specialist in C++
I have been a software developer since 1994, mainly in telecomms and finance, both in the UK and abroad. I now work as an instructor and have taught software development classes in a range of environments.
I have so far published four courses on Udemy.
“Learn Modern C++” and “Learn Advanced Modern C++” comprehensively cover C++11 and 14 and some C++17.
“Learn Modern C++ Multithreading” teaches the principles of multithreaded programming using C++11, 14 and 17.
“Update to Modern C++” comprehensively covers all the changes from older versions to C++11/14. It is meant for more experienced programmers.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 11h 33m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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