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Unreal C++ Multiplayer Master: Intermediate Game Development

Make Local & Online Multiplayer Games. Improve Your Coding Programming Skills. Made In Collaboration With Epic Games.
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Created in collaboration with Epic Games, the course will show you how to create Epic multiplayer experiences using the world class Unreal Engine. This course hits the ground running, instantly getting you playing your own multiplayer games with other students.
As the engine underpinning many AAA games (including Fortnite), Unreal is full of tools for creating multiplayer games extremely quickly. However, knowing where to start with Unreal Engine can be intimidating. 
With a massive feature set and little documentation, you get stuck understanding where to begin. This course makes understanding Unreal super easy. Not only do we show you how to use the engine, but we teach you the fundamental concepts. These skills allow you to pick up new features for yourself.
This course is aimed at beginner to intermediate Unreal users with some knowledge of C++. Not too confident? Don’t worry, the course will take you through everything step by step and give you plenty of practice to build up that confidence with coding.
We don’t assume any knowledge about networking or multiplayer games. We will teach you about everything you need to know about networks from the basics of latency in networks to the advanced topics of state synchronisation.
This course will not teach you to make a massively multiplayer game. But it will teach you the fundamentals you need to understand how an MMO could be built.
Note: access to this course comes with an optional, free community site where you can share games and 3D models, as well as connect with other students.
Become a multiplayer master now, you won’t be disappointed!

You will learn

✓ Make your own local and online multiplayer games using Unreal Engine and C++ and Blueprints
✓ Learn fundamental multiplayer theory and concepts you can apply in your own games
✓ Use the Steam API to play your game against your friends online
✓ Build User Interfaces using Unreal Motion Graphics UI Designer
✓ Create games using Local Area Networks (LANs)
✓ Gain an understanding for how servers and computers networks connect
✓ Understand how Unreal replicates state and why this is important for multiplayer games


• Knowledge of basic C++ including classes and pointers
• An understanding of fundamental Unreal concepts such as Pawns and Maps
• You should be comfortable creating Blueprints to program simple behaviors

This course is for

• Beginner to intermediate coders
• Anyone who wants to improve their C++ ability
• Unreal users who want to make multiplayer games
GameDev.tv Founder :: Entrepreneur :: Passionate Teacher
Hi, I’m Ben. I have a degree in computing from Imperial College London, and a physics diploma from the Open University. 
I started working for myself at the age of 15, and never looked back. I explored careers as varied as being a commercial pilot, stunt-man, rock climbing instructor, and more. None of these provided a continued challenge, and stable income in the same way technology does. 
After building and selling a home computer support business, I became an angel investor and business mentor here in Cambridge UK. I fell in love with teaching game development through one of my investments, and I now spend all of my time sharing my passion with people like you. 
I can’t wait to help you experience the fulfilment, and financial freedom, that having a deep understanding of technology brings. 
So why not start learning to make games with me and my team now?
See you soon! 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 24h 21m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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