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Unreal Engine C++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course

Learn how to develop, code and package a complete video game in Unreal Engine
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In this series, you will learn Unreal Engine C++ programming from the basics all the way up to packaging a complete video game. You will learn all of the following and more:
•Object, Actor, Pawn and Character creation, and the differences between these classes
•Coding a complete character class, complete with animations and user input
•Finding a nearly endless selection of free assets and how to download and use them for your game
•Enemy movement and behavior
•Combat with melee weapons
•Picking up and equipping items
•Damage, Hit Points and Death
•HUD elements including Health and Stamina Bars as well as Icons
•How to create menus, including a Pause menu
•Saving and Loading game data even after turning off the computer or exiting the game
•Switching levels in game
•Floating platforms using interpolation
•Timers for delays in game logic
•Trigger volumes, pressure switches, and doors
•Bombs, explosives and hazards
•Logging and drawing spheres for debug purposes
•Using C++ concepts applied to game development
•Much much more!
This is a C++ course and some basic knowledge of the C++ (or a similar language) is needed. If you don’t have the basics of C++ down, my first course teaches everything you need to know for this course.

You will learn

✓ How to program in Unreal Engine with C++.
✓ How to create a complete UE4 game from start to finish.
✓ Those with no experience in Unreal Engine will master Unreal.
✓ Combat, adventure game mechanics, platforms, game saving/loading and menu design.
✓ Those already experienced in game development will further expand their skills.
✓ Those who already develop in another engine such as Unity will master Unreal.


• Basic understanding of C++ or a similar language (C#, Python, Java, etc.)
• No experience in Unreal Engine needed.
• Memory space on computer for Unreal Engine, Visual Studio or XCode, and game assets (meshes, animations, etc.)

This course is for

• Aspiring game developers.
• Those wanting to enter the games industry as a game programmer.
• Indie game developers who want to create their own games.
• Anyone who wants a COMPLETE game in their portfolio!
Engineer, Programmer, Game Developer, Author
When I earned my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, I was exposed to the world of programming. I was instantly hooked. I have a passion for game development and a love for creative problem-solving. I have written and self-published a science fiction novel and love all things creative. I have experience assisting and tutoring in engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and programming.
I have since gained professional industry experience in the world of surgical simulations. It is extremely rewarding and my passion is to pass on my knowledge so others can achieve a highly engaging and fun career as I have!
I enjoy biking, drawing, 3D-design, and procedural generation in video games. I am currently teaching how to implement algorithms such as procedurally-generated level creation techniques on my YouTube page: Druid Mechanics.
I have also written a book on Unreal Engine C++, available on Amazon, titled: Unreal Engine C++ The Ultimate Developers Handbook.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 34h 27m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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