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Unlocking English Grammar

The keys to understanding
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This is the first in a comprehensive series of grammar courses for fluent English speakers who lack confidence in their understanding of grammar. It lays the foundations for the succeeding courses, but is complete in itself, so there’s no requirement to sign up for the whole series.
Please note that this course was not designed for students learning English as a Second Language. If you don’t already have a good command of the language, you will struggle to follow the course. Having said that, however, many non-native-speakers who are fluent in English have found this course has helped them increase their understanding of the nuances of English grammar.
The course takes a radical new approach to teaching grammar, literally going back to the roots, overturning much of what students may have been taught as children.
If you’ve struggled to get to grips with grammar in the past, try learning it with me. I won’t just feed you all the standard statements about grammar that you’ve probably heard before. Instead, I’ll challenge them and point out where they show wanting. In this course, I explain grammar from the ground up and, in doing so, blast through the blocks that interfere with understanding.
Because of the way grammar is traditionally taught, it’s not surprising that so many people find it too hard to comprehend and retain. This is because the teachings contain many half-truths and misleading ‘rules’ that just don’t make sense. As a result, many people struggle with grammar and just give up, believing it’s beyond them. If this resonates with you – if you’ve tried and failed to understand grammar, then this course will help you. The chances are that the reason you gave up before wasn’t because you were too stupid to understand grammar; it was because your brain was clever enough to recognise the inconsistencies, and that was the cause of your confusion and self-doubt.
I’ve designed this foundation course to be engaging and easily digestible, but this doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy ride. We’re digging foundations here; they need to be solid and well-constructed – and that means hard work. But don’t worry – I’ll be easing you in gently.

You will learn

✓ You will feel a new mastery that will improve the quality of your writing.
✓ You’ll be confident that your written work is grammatically correct.
✓ You’ll be able to identify and easily correct grammatical errors.
✓ You’ll be able to recognise different word types, know their characteristic roles and functions and understand how they interact with one another.
✓ You’ll understand how sentences are formed.
✓ You’ll be able to apply your new knowledge to solve common problems.


• This is a foundation course for fluent English speakers who want to improve their understanding of grammar.
• Don’t be intimidated or put off by past experiences. Believe that you can master grammar, and that it can be interesting and fun.
• IMPORTANT: This course is not designed for beginner ESL students.

This course is for

• People who lack confidence as writers because they think they don’t ‘understand’ grammar.
• People who have tried to learn grammar in the past but found it painfully confusing.
• Fluent English speakers who have received little or no formal training in grammar.
• Anyone who wants to be confident that their written communications are grammatically correct.
• Anyone who is prepared to work hard to assimilate new knowledge, and new ways of looking at grammar. Once they understand how it all works, however, grammar will become easy for them.
• This course is for anyone who writes in any capacity, but it would be particularly valuable for someone who wants a career as a writer, editor or proofreader.
• This is not an ESL course, but it can be useful for people who have already mastered English as a Second Language.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 50m
Language: English
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