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Unity Programming: Sound Methodology and Structure Practices

Cover about benefit of C# grammars like, Interface, Event, Delegate, and Basic program tips and Manager scripts
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At this lecture, you will know about, 
• Basic principles of programming of C# and Unity. • GameManager script, SoundManager script’s actual code and comments.• Delegate, Event, Abstract Class, Interface’s actual usage situations, benefits when make games.[Part1]
You will know about basic, but important programming tips. These tips will applied and repeated thorough this lecture, so when lecture finished, you will know thoroughly about what those principle really means.
GameManager, SoundManager script actually I used when making game. I will describe its actual code each by each and you will get download link at last of this part. 
So this part is core part of this lecture and important thing. You will surely know how to use and when to use C# keywords like Delegate, Lambda Expression, Func, Action, UnityAction, Event, Abstract class, interface. I will explain this with actual game develop examples and situation that these grammars really need, so you will know deeply about these keywords.
So overall, this course is about [ACTUAL] situations and examples that those grammars (delegate, event, abstract class, interface) are used (or should be used) when game develop. 

When googling about these C# keyword, there are many examples of these keyword’s basic concept and grammar, how to implement. 
But lack of really needed subjects such as [when to use them, how to use them, what’s benefit of them]. 
So I gathered them and investigated, combined with my previous experience, I made this course. 
So after you study them, you will know when to use delegate , event, and interface with confidence.
This course does not cover basic grammars like variables, class, function, property. 
But if you know really just a little about C#, you can understand this lecture. 

You will learn

✓ Various basic tip when program, Manager script code,
✓ Delegate, Event, Abstract class, Interface’s actual usage when make Unity game.
✓ Those C# advanced grammar’s [when to use, where to use, what is benefit of using them]
✓ Confidence and more thorough understanding about those C# keywords


• Unity newest version.

This course is for

• Anyone who have interest in Unity C# advanced grammar’s application, benefit.
Unity developer, Game Designer, C# Programmer, Translator
CEO of 14Dimension Enterprise, translator(english-japanese-korean), Unity developer, C# programmer, game planner, book publisher.
I have been made games from 2010, made following games and some of it released to STEAM, Kakao platform.————-14Dimension EnterpriseのCEO、翻訳者(英語 – 日本語 – 韓国語)、Unity開発者、C#プログラマー、ゲームプランナー、ブックパブリッシャー
私は2010年からゲームを作ってきて、STEAM、Google Play Storeにリリースしてきました。

[Game of Dragons] STEAM   
[Perfection of Wisdom] STEAM
[Publisher Tycoon] Google Play store, STEAM
[Big Bang Run for Kakao] Google Play store
[Final Wars] Google Play store
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 3h 20m
Language: English
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