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Unfailing Principles Of Wealth

Be Successful Using Spiritual And Natural Laws
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The earth is full of resources that can make every person rich and wealthy. People fail to amass wealth because they simply do not know how. No matter your race, color, background or educational qualification, physical ability, you can become as wealthy as you desire if you only know how. In this course, i will show you how.
Have you ever wondered why many strong, able bodied people are poor while some disabled people are super rich? Uneducated fellows are employing graduates and controlling the influential people because they know how to amass wealth. This course was developed to help you become rich and influential and it has nothing to do with your present educational qualification, age, gender, race, or even profession.
Anybody from any country or educational background can become very rich if they only learn these secrets. You are about to discover some secrets that will change your life forever, you are about to learn about the secrets of wealth millionaires had been keeping from you all these years.
If you are interested in becoming rich and maintaining it, then enrol for this course now. This is the course you have been looking and praying for, enrol and begin to do what it takes to get wealth. There is a 30 days iron clad money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Yes, you read correctly, if you enrolled and are not satisfied, your money will be fully returned to you, no question asked.
You have nothing to loose but everything to gain by enrolling now, you have a lifetime access to this life changing course that will populate your bank account with money earned legitimately through inspired ideas from you. This is an opportunity of a lifetime, seize it now and be blessed forever.

You will learn

✓ Every student who follows the instructions expressed in these lectures have good chances to become successful and rich. These principles are sure principles of making wealth legitimately for those who will give it all it takes.
✓ Wealth is within you, not in a location or profession. You will learn what to do to bring out the wealth within to the real world.
✓ I will show you wealth possibilities, sources of wealth, and what to do to get rich.
✓ You will understand that riches does not discriminate based on gender, nationality, color, or location.
✓ You will learn how to generate and use creative ideas that generates wealth systematically
✓ I will show you the role of mentors and how to tune in to your real hidden man for wealth possibilities.
✓ Although no guarantee is given by the instructor,mif you follow these principles, you will never fail.


• You must be ready and willing to use your mind positively.Anyone taking this course will need to be self motivated, goal oriented person. The fact that wealth is the birthright of every human being does not put wealth in your hands, wealth flows to the hands of those who are ready and willing.You must be willing to take notes, do exercises which are only based on using your imaginative faculty.Courage to be able to venture into the unknown world of business and invest your time, treasure and talent.

This course is for

• This course is for those who are willing to do what it takes to get the wealth many like to have but are not prepared to give it all it demands.
• If you desire to learn the principles of wealth, then this course is for you. If you can imagine anything with your mind, then this course is for you. It does not exclude you no matter how physically disabled you may be, wealth is on the inside, if you can think, then you are the right person to take this course.
• For students, unemployed, housewives, workers, graduates, añd anyone desiring material prosperity
• Wealth is a product of so many qualities combined, so neither the instructor nor udemy guarantee riches after completing this course.
Pastor at Prevailing Church/Motivational Speaker
Joseph Adenuga is the Pastor of Prevailing Church Of Christ, Bethlehem, South Africa, he is teacher by calling and training. A Mathematician turned preacher, God is using him mightily to teach, preach and perform signs and wonders through faith in the word of God. His teaching ministry has helped so many people around the world, ministers of God inclusive, this platform was created by him to reach out to teach more people some of the wealth of knowledge bestowed on him.Joseph graduated with B.Sc Ed Mathematics Education from the University Of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos State, Nigeria in 1988. He got married to the love of his life, Ruth Olabisi in the year 1993, November 20th, and they are blessed with godly children. He founded Sunny Day Model School, a nursery, primary and secondary institution in the year 1992. He established the Success Dimension Church Ibadan, Nigeria in the year 2005, 6th of February and travelled to South Africa in the year 2013, October 30th, to pioneer the Prevailing Church of Christ, Bethlehem, South Africa where he is presently the presiding pastor.Courses taught by Pastor Joseph Adenuga have solid biblical principles and foundations at the back of them, these courses are for born again Christians and those who love the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Enrol for one, two or more of his courses and your life will not remain the same if you follow the teachings. Be blessed and remain blessed. 
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 48m
Language: English
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