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Understanding Child caregiving

New parents and child caregiver course to effective parenting
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We live in a society infested with social vices, every day humans become intolerant of themselves, fail to coexist with themselves, chant songs of war and constantly seek to suppress each other, but one thing is common among humans is their origin, they all came from a home, from the loins of another man and another woman, humans originate from homes and if they met mentally healthy parents and parents who understand the importance of effective child caregiving when they are born, I am certain our society will not suffer these plaques of social vices that we currently suffer, this is the reason I put this course together, so that parents can learn how to play their role in effecting a better society in their own little way.
This course is a practical real child caregiving course for new parents, second time parents and child caregivers.
In this course you will be learning practical ways to improve your parenting and caregiving journey, maintain your mental Health and still maintain an improved, healthy attachment relationship with your child.
Some parents struggle with caregiving because they do not understand child caregiving and what you do not understand you may not be able to solve, so this child caregiving course will help caregivers and parents understand the psychology of their children, understand their needs and meet those exact needs which helps them improve their relationship and improve their overall experience as parents and caregivers when offering child care.
In this course, parents and caregivers will learn and understand the different types of caregiving and get to know which one they are currently giving and why they should choose the effective responsive kind of caregiving.
Learners gets a bonus module where I teach potty training which happens to serve as concerns for parents and caregivers.
Take this course and struggle no more with parenting and child caregiving

You will learn

✓ How to align your child care goal with that of your child care provider or crèche
✓ How to give child care without feeling frustrated
✓ How to get the best out of your child academically as the grow
✓ How to maintain your mental health as a parent giving care to your child
✓ How to meet the needs of your child without “spoiling them”
✓ How to say “NO” to your child without feeling guilty
✓ How to get the best out of your child as they grow from infancy to toddler years, to teenage years and eventually to adult years


• You must be passionate about children, babies and infants.
• You can be mom or dad
• You can be a guardian, Aunty, uncle or child caregiver
• You must be open to unlearn and relearning parenting lessons

This course is for

• Child caregivers
• Parents
• Guardians
• Families
• Mothers
• Fathers
Perinatal Mental Health caregiver
Edidiong is a maternal mental health care provider with 4 years experience in offering perinatal mental health interventions for women and families. She is a passionate woman who believes that the breeding of a better society begins at conception and from the family.
She founded a social enterprise where she offers personalized mental health support interventions for women and families to improve their mental health experiences during the perinatal period.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 38m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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