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Unbreakable Life Success & Happiness

Forget Everything You Know About How To Attract More Money, A Better Career And Even Your Soul Mate Until You Know This
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Don’t use another ‘FAR OUT’ theory until you have finished been a part of this revolutionary event. Have you heard the saying “your life is doomed to repeat itself”? If so, and you can clearly see how your entire life has repeated the same pain, negativity, and failures over and over again, this event can not be missed.
Course Description:
Dear reader,
In order to re-create your mind for a successful life, it requires a deep navigation of yourself and a face to face confrontation with your emotional baggage, and Meta Mind Analyses has been designed for this purpose. If you truly feel stuck in your life, suffer from identity issues about being overweight, are sick of living pay check to pay check and realistically don’t like the life you lead, believe it or not, your mind has been programmed to create this for you, over and over again like groundhog day.
“Yes, you heard us correctly”
This is not an event of positive thinking to hide the pain, this is not an event about more self-love to mask your inner turmoil, it is an event to give you tangible proof of what humans being are capable of, and a way out of this mess you call your life.
“Are you up for the challenge”?
Are you ready to feel vulnerability, experience emotional pain, and turmoil and ready to let go of the old mask that you wore to hide the fact your life has not worked out the way you wanted it? Do you desire …
•More money•Better relationships•Perfect health•A better sex life•Clarity on your thoughts•A better life for your children and familyWhat you will learn:
Session 1: Introduction to the Meta Mind Analyses Equation to completely heal the groundhog day effect of a negative existence.
Session 2: Pinpointing your unconscious turmoil and revealing the truth as to why your problems loop through your whole lives experience and how to instantly locate it.

Session 3: Introducing the 7 pillars of a marvelous existence and how to increase your life 10 fold without any effort.

Module 4: How to win the tug of war of life that will instantly resolve your issues with money, relationships, happiness and love.

Scott Jansen” Creator of Meta Mind Analyses and Hypnotherapist
“There is one thing I noticed as I worked with over to 8000 clients, is that it takes a certain level of pain, vulnerability and a deep exploration of the mind with hypnosis and trance to make life long changes. But all too often students of personal development would not face their fears ( as a metaphor ) and firmly believe if they just imagined a better world inside their head, that it would show up in their life. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this IS NOT how the mind works and actually is the reason why you stay in your horrible existence day after day and year after year. So now I have decided to do something about it, and cross the line, where no other expert would go. I promise you one thing, if you are prepared for this event,  for hard work, emotional pain and a confrontation with your inner fears.
I guarantee you an incredible experience you will remember for a lifetime, and I know this because of 8000 people just like you, who have been through this experience with me and never looked back”
This training has been subtracted from a LIVE face to face Meta Mind Analyses program hosted by Scott Jansen.

You will learn

✓ How to destroy old patterns and behavious
✓ How to set goals for maximum results


• No previous study is required
• An open mind to practice each exercise

This course is for

• Anyone wanting to improve their life for more wealth
• Anyone wanting to improve their life for a better career
• Anyone wanting to improve their love life
• Anyone wanting to destroy negative thinking
• Anyone wanting to finally succeed with their life goals
#1 Instructor For Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – 27,000+ Students
Hi! And welcome to my programs.
My name is Scott Jansen and after a career as a hypnotherapist helping lawyers quit smoking my passion now is helping more than 1500 coaches, hypnotherapists, NLPs, and healers start, grow and scale their business online, and trained more than 22,000 students globally master advanced conversational hypnosis and build the best reputation in the industry.

With over 1500+ success stories for 6 figure and multiple 6 figure businesses. This has helped our students generate over $6,000,000 in extra revenue for their business.

I realised that by focusing on the core elements of business – just like them – you can start and grow a successful business too.

With complete focus on:

*Conversational Hypnosis

*Advanced Conversational Hypnosis

*Advanced Covert Hypnosis

*Inputs/process/Auto/Output system and protocol set up – business infostructure.

*Niche/Solution/Offer/Price system for finding profitable niches.

*MOS service/packaging (speed, less moving parts, less effort, less friction)

*Reverse engineering specialist offers to be unique in oversaturated niches.

*PCV specialist pricing structure. – Monthly retainer structure and presentation.

*Future value pricing/by-product pricing and presentation – Future Value deck.

*Automated organic client attraction systems – automated VA system.

*Asymmetry tracking for long term profits.

*Productising your service for scaling into a new niche.

So, if you’re looking to master conversational hypnosis, build your hypnotherapy and coaching business – my courses are for you.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 49m
Language: English
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