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HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate 2022

Learn Terraform , IaC tool, for building, changing, and versioning infra .Get HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate
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Terraform is most popular Infrastructure as code tool as it supports more than 100 providers including AWS , Azure ,Google and many. This course will take you from basic to advance  and helps you understand key concepts with lab demonstration. In few lectures and detail lab demonstrations , you will start writing your first terraform code, all the way up to deploying cluster of web servers in Auto Scaling Group with a load balancers. You will have lot of lab demonstration so that you can practice on your own.
Designed for SRE ,  DevOps and developers and managers.
You will learn key concepts , such as terraform state , modules , workspace, data resource and can apply in your project immediately. Terraform allows you to automate  and  version the infrastructure . Terraform module makes this infrastructure as code tool really stands from others in the market. Terraform function provides  best developer experience to write efficient code. We will have fun with all of these terraform key features.
You will learn how to work  Organization m workspace , VCS , runs in  Terraform cloud and what is the difference with Terraform Enterprise.
Bonus : Prepare you for HashiCorp Certification – Terraform Associate
Course is designed to teach students with no prior knowledge in AWS or Terraform.  All the used AWS technology in example have been described in detail.

You will learn

✓ Student will learn from basics of terraform syntax to advanced terraform code writing for building Auto Scale Group of Web Servers with a load balancers.
✓ Prepare for Terraform Associate certification exam with practice tests and quiz
✓ Terraform Associate Certification – Key Concepts review relevant to exam preparation
✓ What is terraform state and how that can be used in Terraform stack of resources and can help large team
✓ What is Terraform module and why it is powerful. Create module and discover module gotchas. How to create and access Terraform Module Inputs and Outputs.
✓ How to work with key AWS services such as IAM , VPC ,Route53,EBS and more.
✓ Create identical Infrastructure stack using Terraform workspace and tfvar.
✓ Terraform key concepts such Interpolation , remote state , output attributes , variables , useful commands data resource with real examples.


• You will need to set up an AWS Account (you can use the free tier for this course)
• A Windows, Linux or Mac PC/Laptop
• Knowledge of any one Cloud platform would be advantageous but not strictly required.

This course is for

• Individual wants to get Terraform Associate certification.
• Individuals want to be master in Infrastructure as Code tool Terraform and want to be skilled DevOps Engineer
• Individuals want to be master in Cloud Technology as Infrastructure as Code tool is one of the main pillar of Cloud.
• Technical managers who wants to have overview to understand how Infrastructure as Code tool works and how that can be leveraged in organization.
AWS Solution Architect
Krish primarily works for big corporation where he is helping them to their cloud journey and currently working in Silicon Valley. He has 20 years of IT Infrastructure experience and worked for  many corporate companies. Last five years he is dedicatedly working in AWS Cloud and now he wants to share his experience and knowledge  to those who wants to excel in Cloud Technology.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 10h 45m
Language: English
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