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Ultimate guide to GCSE Algebra

An A to Z guide on everything Algebra for the GCSE curriculum.
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Welcome to Ultimate guide to GCSE Algebra. This course will have every topic you can imagine when it comes to Algebra; all the different topics covered in middle school (up to be grade 10 to be precise). 
What will this course have and who will benefit?
This course is for anyone doing their GCSE and need specific help with Algebra. If you are already enrolled in my Ultimate guide to GCSE Maths course, then please do not enroll in this one as the content is the same. This course is going to cover every topic that you’re going to come across in high school algebra, starting with basic topics like substitution building all the way up to advanced topics like solving quadratic equations. Over the past 9 years of tutoring, I’ve seen a lot of my students really struggle with the concepts of Algebra. As it is one of the most important topics in high school and one that is very much applicable to everyday life, I thought I would put together this end to end course for you guys. This course can complement your studies at school and serve as a permanent reference point. I will step you through every topic systematically and run through a number of questions to really help you cement your learning.
A lot of my students are actually parents who are home schooling their kids, so if you’re someone looking to brush up on your knowledge to help your kids at home, I know this course along with all my other courses will be a big help.
I go through every single topic in a step by step form so it’s really easy for you to follow along. Not convinced? Then I suggest you check out the previews before you decide to enroll, to make sure my teaching style is easy to follow, I am very confident that it is. To go a step further, Udemy’s 30-day money back guarantee should also make you feel at ease.
Why Algebra?

Algebra is one of the biggest topics you’re going to cover in school and no matter how much you try to escape it, it’s going to keep coming back. When it comes to algebra, I’ve noticed that a lot of teachers don’t spend the time teaching the fundamentals so students tend to struggle more with the complex topics as years go by. This course will help overcome that issue 🙂
Something missing in the course?

If you find I haven’t covered a topic that you need at this level, let me know on the discussion board and I’ll be happy to add it in 🙂
I can guarantee that you’ll be miles ahead of the competition if you take this course seriously and best part about being able to do it all is that you can teach others as well. When you’re willing to spend upwards of $50 an hour for a private tutor, it seems like a no brainer to at least give this a go, so that you have access to your very own private tutor any time you wish.
I’m good with messages and emails so if you have questions, make sure to get in touch with me. And furthermore, I want you guys to make full use of the discussion board because one of the best ways to learn is by sharing your knowledge with others. Thanks guys, really hope you enjoy.

You will learn

✓ Tackle everything from basic algebra topics to complex ones
✓ Do all topics related to linear algebra
✓ Do all topics related to quadratic algebra
✓ Have an indepth knowledge of Algebra topics at a high school level
✓ Know everything you need to for Algebra I


• Ability to do basic sums like addition, multiplication etc.

This course is for

• Anyone learning Algebra at school.
• Perfect course for those being homeschooled.
• Excellent preparatory course for parents looking to teach their kids
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 11m
Language: English
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