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Ultimate Golf: A Simple Guide To A Consistent Golf Swing

Master the three keys to build your unique golf swing
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Welcome to Ultimate Golf!
My name is Dave Johnston. I’m the Director of Instruction at the Bloomington Downs Golf Club in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. I am a former member of the C.P.G.A . I’ve been teaching golf for over thirty-five years and have taught over 11,000 students. 
My Psychology degree is from York University in Toronto, Canada.
My Just Hit The Damn Ball! book series has received several awards at the Reader’s Favorite International Book contests.
We currently have over 2k subscribers on our Youtube channel (davejohnstongolf).
New instruction videos will be posted in the Spring (2022).

I would love to have you join us.

This course contains three distinct sections:    
Part One focuses on the essentials found in every consistent swing.
Every part of the game contains three essential elements.
When you understand how these elements affect the flight of the ball, then you have the tools for building your unique swing.

This program is designed for the golfer who wants to break the endless cycle of trying to “fix” their swing.
Have you ever hit a perfect shot? You have the ability.
All you need is the recipe.

Part Two is an introduction to the mental side of the game with Mr. Danny King, the 2016 Canadian Player of the Year. Danny’s insight on common misconceptions and the development of junior golf is enlightening.

Part Three consists of bonus material on golf fitness with Ms. Shanon McMillan, owner of Core Shots Fitness in Markham, Ontario, Canada.
Shanon is a certified personal trainer and a certified CCCP Level 2 gymnastics and trampoline coach.              
Her insight on common golf injuries (such as golfers elbow) and some simple stretching routines before and after a game, will help golfers at every level increase flexibility, avoid injury and gain more distance off the tee.

Feel free to send me an email with any comments or questions: [email protected]
Enjoy the program!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  You are backed by Udemy’s 30 refund policy.  No Sweat.

You will learn

✓ Ultimate Golf is a simple system to help the once-a-week golfer build a consistent swing.
✓ Learn the three cornerstones of every part of the game from Putting to Driving.
✓ Adapt the three cornerstones to build your unique swing.
✓ Understand the cause/effect connections that are overlooked in traditional instruction.
✓ Learn a step by step system for constant improvement.
✓ Discover common misconceptions that create roadblocks to lower scores.


• The ideal student has a general knowledge of golf swing essentials.
• Willingness to “forget” complicated swing theories.
• Trust your natural ability to “feel” what works.
• The biggest requirement is patience.

This course is for

• High handicap golfers with a basic knowledge of swing mechanics.
• Avid golfers who invest in lessons every year but only see marginal improvement.
• Frustrated golfers trapped in an endless cycle of trying to “fix” their swing.
• Beginners who want to learn the basics and play a casual game with friends.
• Golfers who have played for years but are consistently inconsistent.
Television Producer/Director/Writer
Multiple award-winning Producer/Director Rick Davis, has been working in the television broadcast industry for over 30 years. Although Rick works primarily in the sports genre, he has also garnered attention for his documentary work and efforts with charitable organizations.
He has produced and/or directed at numerous international sporting events including the Olympics, Pan American Games, FIFA World Cup soccer and several other world championships.
He has been a key contributor to the early development of 3 national television sports networks. His services and mentor-ship have helped fledgling industry people to grow and understand the challenges of this dynamic industry.
Rick has a strong passion to teach and help others learn.  He believes constant learning should be a way of life to keep us all moving forward.
In partnership with Dave Johnston, Rick has produced two Udemy golf programs. Ultimate Golf: Your Perfect Golf Swing and Beyond is the highest rated Golf program on Udemy while Fix Your Golf Slice is a step-by-step system for eliminating the most embarrassing shot in golf for thousands of once-a-week golfers.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 11m
Language: English
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