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UiPath Tutorial to become a RPA Developer

With this course, you will have knowledge about basic software rules and detailed uipath activities to make project.
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Welcome to the UiPath with detailed explanation course. In this course you will exactly learn how to use activities in UiPath and learn some cases  code it VB instead of activities. This course main purpose is that learning software logic and activities logic at the same time in UiPath Studio.
This course you will understand well these topics :
1- How to install needed packages – Database Activity, PDF Activity, Credentials Activity, Mail Activity, Word Activities, Web Activities.
2- Variable Types – Most used reference type and value type variables with operations
3- String Operations – Trim, Split, Replace, Contains , Equals, To Lower, To Upper.
4- Regular Expressions – Most useful regular expressions in UiPath.
5- If and Switch Case Control
6- Sequences – Flowchart – State Machines – Explanation and Practise
7- Loops – Do While, While , For each with List – Array List – Dictionary
8- Selectors – Deep dive selectors – Dynamic Selectors – Partial Selectors.
9-Windows and Browser activities – Web and desktop activities with detailed explanation
10- DataTable – Excel Activity –  Deep dive datatable operations
11- File operations – Create Folder, Create File, Move , Copy, Delete, Append Line, Write Text, Read Text.
12-Word Activities – Insert Datatable, replace text, Insert Picture, Read Text.
13-Read PDF – Read PDF Text and split it to get meaningful values and Join Pdf’s.
14- Database  Activities -Create Table in SQL Server Management Studio and  Connection – Select- Delete – Update – Delete – Disconnect operations
15-Credentials Activity – Get , Delete, Add Credentials. 
16- Mail activities- Get and Send mail messages , Save attachment.
17- Exception Handling – Manage runtime , logic, syntax errors and handle  most faced exception types.
18 -Debugging – Most used Debugging activities such as break point, restart, Step in , Logs.
19-Web Services HTTP Request -Introduction –  Create JSON Server to do Crud operations GET-POST-PUT-DELETE ,  Deserialize string to JsonArray and  learn Status Code meaning
20- Project – Project desing , manage transactions and exceptions, how to test project  , work with states and conditions, send report to process owner.
After you complete all videos  you will be understood general software variables,  loops, controls, string operations, database operations,  web services, debugging actions, exception handling and exception types, file operations, word operations, data table and excel activities in deeply explanations, pdf activities.
After complete all activities you will use them in real project with handling conditions, exceptions, transactions.

You will learn

✓ Every single lesson has an introduction before code to understand easily and follow lesson easily
✓ You will have general software knowledge after finish this course
✓ You will learn If and switch controls
✓ You will learn most used datatable operations with code and activities
✓ Understanding how to desing table in Sql Server Management Studio and use CRUD operations in Database
✓ Understanding selector with professional approach
✓ You will learn mail activities – Get attachments – Send mail with html tags
✓ You will learn most used reference and value type variables
✓ You will learnd loops such as do while, while , foreach in List, Dictionary, Array and Dynamic Selectors
✓ You will understand 3 Main Errors type in software and deep dive most important exception types and manage them with Try – Catch
✓ You will learn how to Create JSON Server and do crud operations with Fake Rest API – Get, Post,Put,Delete with Status Code
✓ You will learn File, Word and Pdf activities with deep dive
✓ You will learn most used regular expressions in rpa
✓ You will learn store credentials in Windows Credential Manager and manage it safely
✓ You will learn how to manage transactions and exceptions with conditions in professional project.


• Basic knowledge of UiPath and software will be plus but not must.
• Sql Server Management Studio , UiPath Studio, Credential Manager, Gmail Account, Windows Application(will be shared)
• Microsoft Windows computer with an internet connection (UiPath has no Mac version).
• Have basic-level computer literacy; familiarity with Microsoft Excel, PDFs and desktop applications.

This course is for

• Who want to improve themselves in the field of RPA and software in UiPath
• For those who want to automate their work in digital environment
• Anyone who wants to be RPA or software developer job in the near future.
• Anyone who wants to learn basic software and UiPath activities
Full Stack Rpa Developer
I have graduated from Yildiz Technical Universty – Mechanical Engineering. I worked as a software developer for 6 months in Bilge Adam  then I worked as an UiPath Instructor in BilgeAdam for 6 months. I have been working as Full Stack Rpa Developer since July 2019.
Full Stack Certified RPA Developer (UiPath)
-Proof of Concept (Poc)
-Technical-Business Analysis
-Develop real processes in UiPath Studio  with using Robotic Enterprise Framework
-User Acceptance Test with customer
-Developed many real processes mostly in SAP application and still developing.
-Deployment, Orchestrator scheduling
-Maintanence – Bug fix
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 43m
Language: English
Next start: On Demand

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