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UiPath RPA-Advanced Enterprise Robotic Process Automation

Learn to build advanced automation using the Enterprise RPA Framework
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Robot Process Automation or RPA as it is popularly known as, is on it’s way in the evolution of technology. Until recent times businesses have been spending a lot of time and resources on automating back-end systems. And now over the past few years, the focus of automation has bubbled up to the front-end!
The UiPath Platform especially, has made it very easy to get started with building front end automation and today, it repeatedly ranks Number One amongst a host of RPA technology software and platform that have hit the market!
But like all fields, RPA isn’t without its challenges. Sure, we can build an automation or two. But the efficiency of any system is dictated by how easily it can be organized, built, and managed on a large scale across the enterprise.
In this course, we’ll take a demonstrative look at organizing, building, and managing an RPA processes for the Enterprise using the open-source Enterprise RPA (ERPA) Framework.  This framework is considerably enhanced from its base version and provides you multiple options to integrate RPA Automations into your integration infrastructure.
We’ll begin by discussing the current methods of managing automations and justify the need for the new approach taught in this course.
By the end of this course, you will have the know how to build and manage your RPA processes with an enterprise-like approach regardless of the scale of your business or practice – be it a one person operation, a small to medium business, or a large organization.
Join me in taking small steps to a larger goal!

You will learn

✓ The need for an Enterprise-grade Robotic Process Automation (ERPA) Framework
✓ Setting up a Centralized Configuration Database to drive the ERPA Processes
✓ Configuring settings for an ERPA Process in the Configuration database
✓ Get a Deep-dive of the Enterprise Robotic Process Automation (ERPA) Framework template
✓ Understand UiPath Selectors and Selector Expressions
✓ Build and Test functional RPA sub components that consume Selectors as configuration parameters
✓ Build a Complete end-to-end ERPA Process flow that will demonstrate all concepts learned in this course


• This course is for audience familiar with the UiPath Platform
• Level 1 and Level 2 UiPath Training is required before taking this course
• Basic familiarity with Microsoft Access Office Product (or equivalent) is required
• Basic familiarity with Microsoft Excel (or equivalent) is required
• Very basic knowledge of Structured Query Language (or SQL ) is welcome but not required
• Familiarity with UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework (REFramework) would be excellent!

This course is for

• Developers experienced with building Robotic Process Automation using UiPath Studio and Orchestrator
• UiPath Developers who’ve already cleared Level 3 Training
• RPA Developers experienced with other RPA Tools and moving to UiPath
Engineer, Author, Hobbyist, Tinkerer & Founder, RPA Vanguard
Andy Menon is a UiPath MVP for 2021. A Mechanical Engineer turned IT Professional, Andy came into the Information Technology world because someone challenged him to.
In his day job, Andy is an Integrations Engineer with plenty of experience building integration systems for the enterprise. And now, his integrations tool kit includes building Robotic Process Automation processes using UiPath.
Andy is an active member of the UiPath community forums and as a Robot Master and MVP, continues to invest time and energy into using RPA both, on and off the field. He is also the founder of RPA Vanguard.
In his free time, Andy dabbles in hobby electronics, 3D printing and Internet of Things. He has an army of four 3D printers to help him bring his designs to life. If not that, he’s in his garage tinkering on his home built street rod.
Along the way, Andy rekindled his lost love for electronics when he picked up a Parallax Basic Stamp Electronics Kit at a RadioShack sale. Since then he’s been experimenting with the Basic Stamp, the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi and the ESP8266 family of microcontrollers.
Andy is also a Kindle published author of the title Give Yourself IoT Super Powers.
He has published several of his hobby projects and designs online at instructables and thingiverse
When time and weather permits, or when he needs a break from everything else, Andy is out cruising around in his home built 1923 Model T Street Rod!
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 4h 53m
Language: English
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