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Travel Videography: Complete Guide to Creating Awesome Video

Level up your Video & Audio with a Diverse Range of Gear from drones to Mirrorless camera's
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2019 UPDATE: Travel Video Gear Kit 3 Part Series in Bonus Section!
Travel Videography: Complete Guide to Creating Awesome Video is a Super Course for today’s Content Creators, Freelancers, Business owners, Social media gurus, Travel videographers and beginners that need to able to produce amazing Video AND Audio with a diverse range of compact gear.
Video is becoming more important than ever and camera technology is advancing quickly. This course is going to cover skills that teach you the fundamentals to produce video regardless of the camera, but we are going to cover some of the more popular camera’s to give you those specific skills as well. Some camera’s covered include the Smartphones, Canon SLR, DJI Osmo, DJI Mavic drone, and the Panasonic GH5 mirrorless camera. These camera’s all produce high production value and offer great value for what they are.
This course also covers audio. We realize today’s content producers need to create Youtube videos, training videos, or podcasts. Audio is an important part of your video production quality especially for training or sales videos, or interviews. Any videos that require talking. 
The knowledge in this course will allow you to create videos for online courses, corporate interviews, vlogs, training videos, podcasts,and videos for youtube. We don’t need to carry bulky camera’s, heavy sound equipment, or require a large camera crew to produce these videos.
You will learn about different camera’s available from smartphone to professional video camera’s and techniques to improve your video regardless of camera. You know that you are likely a one or two person screw. You will learn how to film yourself in focus with just one person.
You will learn to improve your audio using a variety of different audio recording devices from USB mics, shot gun mics, lavaliers, and versatile field recorders like the Zoom H5.
The skills taught in this course can be used for by a one man team videographer or small teams, freelancer, Youtuber, online trainer, small business owner to produce high quality video and audio. Your minimal setup will give you freedom to travel or stay mobile while still creative high quality videos.  

You will learn

✓ Assemble their first travel friendly video gear kit
✓ Know how to operate an H5 Zoom field recorder
✓ Know the basics of operating audio gear like a lav mic, shotgun mic, usb mic, and Zoom H5 field recorder
✓ How to improve the lighting for their videos
✓ Set up good video shots with a smartphone and SLR camera
✓ Learn fundamentals for shooting good video for all camera
✓ Have a great idea of destinations to get great footage and tips for traveling there


• The goal of this course is to improve your audio and video without a lot of heavy gear

This course is for

• photographers that want to learn video
• online teachers looking to improve production value
• freelance videographers that want location freedom
• Videographers looking to improve the sound on their videos
• Travel photographers that want to learn Video
• People looking for Travel Guides aimed at Videographers
Create your Time & Location Freedom with your Creativity
If you have a passion and talent for creating video and want to enjoy a life of time and location freedom then our courses can help you get there. I have followed this path since 2013 and my courses have been designed to share my know.

My passion is Travel, Video, Business and living a Freedom lifestyle. I’ve left the IT corporate world in Vancouver Canada after 13 years to pursue my passions. I left for Taiwan to start my Video Production business from ground zero. I discovered the Digital Nomad movement in Thailand and have honed my creative and business skills.
Improve your ability to Create
If you’re looking to improve your ability to create and edit Video so that you can create amazing Videos for clients of your social media followings using camera’s like Drones, Mirrorless Camera’s, SLR camera’s, Gopro’s, Gimbals, and more you’ll enjoy our course offerings.
Improve your Business Skills for Creatives
I’ll arm you with business and marketing skills to help you market your skills and work to clients. I’ll also share business models and specific how to courses to help you monetize on your skills and video assets.
Travel and Freedom Lifestyle
I’ve lived abroad in Asia since 2013 and started working on my business full-time since 2014. I share my experience on lifestyle design and living guides for popular destinations to live and create such as Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, and more. I can also help you with productivity as a Videographer no matter where you are.

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Platform: Udemy
Video: 7h 4m
Language: English
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