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Travel Hacking: How I Travel Twice As Far For Nearly Nothing

Learn my SECRET travel hacking tips to travel on a tiny budget, while having amazing adventures around the world!
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****** How to travel the world on less than $50 a day (usually less!)and have amazing, life changing experiences! *****
Do you want to travel but think you don’t have enough money? Maybeyou’re a first time traveler and you’re a little scared to travelsolo? Do you want to know how to get free accommodation?
If you want to travel the world on a budget and have themost amazing experiences, then this course is for you.

You’re getting all my knowledge fromyears of experience. I’ve literally been mugged in China, I’vetraveled Asia on under $30 a day and had many crazy fun times, butfrom each experience I’ve learned valuable lessons. Lessons that willmake your travelling journey 10X better, morefulfilling, cheaper and fun.
In Travel Hacking I’m going to show you the exact techniques, tipsand tricks that I’ve used to travel the world ticking crazyadventures off my bucket list…
Here’s just some of the cool stuff you’re going to learn;
• How to MAKE MONEY on the road to fund your travels (priceless!)
• How to get into cheap flight lounges all around the world
• How you can skip airport lines and jump the queue!
• The best apps (online and offline) to make your travels more fun, cheaper and easier
• What vital equipment you should take with you to avoid stress, be more comfortable and have amazing travel experiences!
• How to get FREE accommodation (even in amazing locations!)
• Tricks and tips to avoid scams and stay safe nearly anywhere
• How to keep track of your travel funds and actually stay within budget (so you can travel longer and further!)
• How to find cheap, delicious food in any city
• How to travel in some countries for under $30 a day (sometimes even less!)
• The best travel hacking tips, tricks and techniques I know
In this course I’m going to show you exactly what I’ve done to travelaround the world ticking numerous, amazing adventures off my bucketlist. Go ahead and check out my blog and youtube channel (search ‘TheLifestyle Compound’) for just some of the adventures I’ve been on.
I want to show you that’s it’s VERY possible to travel the worldeasily, with probably less money than you think. Actually, in myexperiences, it’s been cheaper to travel than to stay at home! Sowhat are you waiting for?
Of course you’ll get full, lifetime access, updates for life and beable to communicate directly with me, should you get stuck anywhereor need some guidance! (I’m always here to help.)
If you want to finally take the step, leave home and explore theamazing world out there, then scroll up and enroll now.
I guarantee that if you take this course and implement just a handfulof the travel hacking tips and strategies, then you will save a lotof money, have more fun, be safer and have the absolute time of yourlife!
You’ll get;
• Full access to me via email through the Udemy platform (I answer every question I get!)
• FULL 30 day money back guarantee, backed by Udemy
• FREE updates and lifetime access!
• Learn every little strategy, trick and the tools I’ve used to travel the world AND have amazing adventures along the way (and of course meet amazing people!)

=====> Take action and enroll in TRAVEL HACKING now <=====
Enroll and dive straight into the course right now. I know that thiscourse will help you save (and make) money, travel safe, haveamazing, fun experiences and give you a huge zest for life!
Don’t forget Udemy’s famous 30 day money back guarantee…you’ve gotnothing to lose! Get ready to plan your trip, pack your bag, and bookthose flights now! Amazing, worldly experiences await you!
I’ll see you on the inside!
P.S. Don’t forget to check out the preview videos so you know thevalue you’re getting!

You will learn

✓ Find FREE accommodation all around the world
✓ Know how to skip airport lines and skip the queue (US only)
✓ Know how to make money while on the road to fund your travels!
✓ Spot certain scams and tricks that fool many travelers
✓ Learn how to eat cheap
✓ Travel on less than $30 a day in a lot of different countries around the world!
✓ Travel safe, fun and cheap


• A can-do attitude knowing that you want to explore the world!
• Be ready to have your mind blown at the opportunities before you!
• Have a passion for wanting to live life to the fullest

This course is for

• Beginner travelers
• Backpacking beginners
• People who want to explore the world for cheaper than what they live at home for (in most cases!)
• People who are sick of the 9-5 and need to get away from it all and travel
• Those that know they want to travel but don’t think they can
Entrepreneur | Life Changer | Adventurer | Life Hacker
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 2h 30m
Language: English
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