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Transform your life past trauma to a new evolving world.

Search for the root that is blocking your life and transform your life into your purpose.
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Youth Transformational Coaching was created by Karen Jimenez to help you find the root cause of all the pain, the guilt that has been blocking your essence to come out so you can find your life purpose. Transforming your life and being able to heal your child hood trauma, learning to love yourself. To be able to forgive and move forward, to unblock anything that keeps putting you back at zero. To remind you how amazing you are, be prepared and be amazed. But it can only happen if you are ready to move on. Our ego tries to keep us in a comfort zone, that’s what it tells us but reality is our ego keeps us in a negative state of mind. It reminds us of all the things that have been making us hurt. You can only make the change if you are ready to work for it, and to heal, forgive and move forward. If you are ready to live your life purpose to help other people than this course is for you. Don’t wait any longer heal the pain that keeps taking you back to the hurt, guilt, pain, depression, anxiety. I’m here to help you move forward step by step lets heal together and keep helping others so they can change the world. Let’s get the 1% to a 3% and that would change the world.

You will learn

✓ Heal the pain that is holding you back from finding your purpose.


• Be ready to change your life.

This course is for

• Victims of sexual abuse, physical and mental
Life Coach
Karen Jimenez Life Coach

The focus of Karen Jimenez is to help youth around the world to overcome hardships from abuse that they may have encountered.  Karen’s assistance will specialize in sexual, physical, and emotional abuse.  Her goal is to create a transformational path to assist youth in finding peace and to teach them how to create a future that is filled with light and purpose. 

Karen is certified in a Master Class, The Art Of Speaking In Public and is currently engaged in coaching courses in transformation and TBC in Business, all conducted by Karen Hoyos International. She is certified by Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children.  Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children is a non-profit organization that aids children who have been sexually abused and to bring more awareness to communities.

Ms. Jimenez has a strong passion to bring awareness into communities and to serve as a steward of young people.  She wants to be certain that they feel safe, peaceful, and they have the ability to overcome challenges they may have encountered in the past.

Karen Jimenez Life Coach
Youth Transformational Coach Karen Jimenez es una coach de vida, se ha preparado para entregar su coaching desde su ser. Ha tomando entrenamientos profesionales que le han ayudado a encontrar más allá de la superficie, como es su Certificación en Maestría de Coaching Transformacional Avanzado de Karen Hoyos International. De esta manera poder ayudar a las personas desde adentro para sanar y perdonar. Karen Jimenez ha tomado cursos especializados que ayudan a identificar los niños que están siendo abusados, cursos de psicología para entender el desarrollo de los niños y los cambios dependiendo del entorno donde viven. Karen fue abusada de niña por un familiar, esto ha tiene un impacto tan fuerte que su subconsciente bloquea este evento. De niña recuerda sentir tristeza y una necesidad de ayudar a los niños del mundo. Sin entender el porqué, era para protegerlos y que no les pasara lo mismo. Y así fue que 25 años después descubre todas esas raíces y dolores que han bloqueado su propósito y abundancia. Gracias a su mentora Karen Hoyos es que encuentra estas raíces, aprende a soltar, perdonar, y descubre su propósito de vida, el propósito de ayudar a los niños que han sido abusados, prevenirlo y despertar conciencia en las familias. Hoy Karen Jimenez contribuye alrededor del mundo a que los niños recuperen su voz, esa que han perdido por el abuso e invita a reconocer que la felicidad es una elección y que es tiempo de soltar y ser feliz.
Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 4m
Language: English
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