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Trained Therapists Treatment Course Four by Brian Cavill

Exclusively for trained therapists
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Brian began his massage therapy practice and teaching his method of massage therapy in 1987. Through his desire to see clients set free from their pain, Brian developed his “Cross Fibre Release” method of massage therapy along with treatment that get results.
Trained Therapist’s Treatment Course Four
teaches treatment methods for: Hamstring pulls, strains and tears; Hamstring stretches used in recovery and prevention; a thorough recovery program for hamstring injuries; how my treatment for muscle tears work in a demonstration using a muscle from a cow; my proven groin treatment for quick and amazing results; a relief treatment for asthma that really works, as well as reinforcing the importance of the contraindications.
This treatment course is presented clearly, just like receiving training from Brian first hand. 
This treatment course is only suitable for: Massage Therapists; Sports Therapists; Myotherapists; Physiotherapists and those trained in Therapy.
On completion of this trained therapist’s treatment course, you as a therapist will have more therapy treatments for your tool box and the confidence and the skills needed to treat the injuries taught in this remedial therapy course. The therapist will also begin to enjoy the success that Brian and his past students have over many years using
these proven treatment methods. Guaranteed!

You will learn

✓ treat with confidence the injuries covered in this course and learn the benefit of my “Cross-Fibre Release” method of treatment.
✓ Learn how to treat hamstring strains effectively for the best recovery. Learn a method to treat muscle tears for a quick recovery. Learn how I treated groin strains effectively and had most ready to resume their sport after only one treatment, included in this is the best method to strap a groin.


• As trained therapists students should have all the equipment needed to complete this course, along with an understanding of human anatomy.
• You will gain much from this course if you have had experience in sports massage and are keen to understand effective treatment methods.

This course is for

• This course is for trained therapists only and should not be taken by anyone who is not trained.
• These are treatments best suited to therapists with experience. If you have no experience my advice would be to complete my whole body massage course and practice, before you take on this course.
Massage Therapy Instructor
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 5m
Language: English
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