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Train Your Brain For Success with Mental Rehearsal

Fake It 'Till You Make It. How to use mental rehearsal techniques to turbo boost your success.
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Did you know that mentally rehearsing your most positive outcomes can make a huge difference to your success?
Think about it, if top athletes use tools such as visualization and mental rehearsal to help them become peak performers, then so can you.
If done properly these techniques are really effective and will become valued tools that you will turn to often.
This course is for you if . . .
You find it difficult to actually ‘see’ yourself being successful? You want to make improvements to an aspect of your business or well-being but are struggling with will power alone.
You are not getting the results you want and feel like giving up
Self-doubt is stopping you from taking practical action steps to reach your goals.
You carry lots of limiting beliefs about change being slow, or difficult, or a struggle.
Mental rehearsal can make goal achievement so much easier.
No matter what you want to achieve, mental rehearsal and visualization techniques will make your journey faster, easier and a lot more fun. But you need to know how to use these techniques properly if they are going to work for you.
Daydreaming just isn’t enough!
Don’t believe me?
Join me for this introductory course and try it out for yourself.

You will learn

✓ Use the knowledge gained int he course to make goal achievement faster and easier
✓ Move through procrastination more easily and use mental rehearsal to help you focus on your goals
✓ Stop sabotaging your success and enjoy taking practical action steps towards your goals


• No prior knowledge is needed for this course. Just a willingness to practice.
• The most important part of this course is an ‘eyes closed’ exercise so you will need to set aside approximately 20 minutes when you can work though this exercise in a safe place where you will be undisturbed.

This course is for

• No prior knowledge is needed, it’s suitable for anyone who has an interest in mind skills
• This course is for anyone with an interest using the power of their mind to create improvements to their physical outcomes
• BUT to gain real benefit from this course you must be willing to engage with the materials and actually practice the exercises if you want to see results
Health and Medical Writer
                         Anne Watkins is a health and medical writer. She is a retired Lecturer in Critical Care Nursing and currently works as an Associate Lecturer in Health Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming at a leading UK medical school.
Through her work as a writer she has helped hundreds of people to release the stress of modern living, improve their wellbeing and find a much greater inner clam.
Today, Anne works as a freelance health writer helping a wide range of companies use the power of the written word to boost customer engagement and achieve more sales.
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 50m
Language: English
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