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Time Management: Make More Money. Be Less Stressed

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Includes free Amazon book and 121 coaching session with the instructor.
Congratulations on taking the first step towards better productivity and well being, however before you commit to this course you need to be clear on what you want to get from it. Please take the time to consider and answer the following questions:
•Why are you considering taking a time management course?
•What problems do you need to solve?
•What ambitions do you want to achieve?
•What is the one thing you want to have happen as a result of taking this course?
•If your time management was better, what would be happening in your life right now?
•How will you ensure you make, and commit to, the time to watch the videos and complete the exercises on this course?  
If you seriously want to be more productive, more successful or be less stressed, then Time Management: Make More Money. Be Less Stressed is the course for you. Guaranteed. You won’t waste your time and/or money if you complete the course, you will if you do not.
Take the course and save hours of wasted time, each day, be better organised, manage your diary more effectively and have a better work-life balance.
The benefits from using your time more effectively are as big as you want them to be, I can pretty much guarantee that after applying the learning from this course, you will achieve more in work or personal life, be less stressed, have better relationships and have more time to do the things that you want to do.
A word of warning though, you’re going to have to focus and keep doing all the outlined steps, time and time again for your hard work to pay off.
I know that simply working through an online time management course isn’t always going to help solve time management challenges in isolation, sometimes we all need some additional motivation or support to truly understand what’s possible in our lives.
So firstly, as soon as you sign up, I will send you a free copy of my book Practical Leadership Skills – Manage Yourself, which is available in kindle format on Amazon. This book covers all the elements of the Time Management: Make More Money. Be Less Stressed programme plus it takes an initial look at setting and managing your career goals and aspirations.
In addition, everyone who completes the course will be eligible for a free 45 minute 121 Zoom coaching session with me. The coaching session will cover all the aspects of the time management course, help you to review how things have been going with your time management improvements, allow you to ask questions and receive additional guidance should you feel you need it.
Change can be a difficult process and I’m here to help you. I’m in this for the long-term, committed to helping people achieve the possible not just make money by uploading courses to the Udemy platform, this is my passion.
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You will learn

✓ The nature of time management and how to regain control
✓ Understanding of a range of time management tools and techniques
✓ How to use these techniques to enhance your productivity, get promoted, make more money and lower your stress
✓ Identify the main problems in your own time management


• Be reasonably comfortable using a computer
• Have a desire to be more productive and less stressed!
• Be prepared to change and to try new techniques which may initially feel uncomfortable
• Some honesty about your current working practices good or bad!

This course is for

• Anyone who wants to be more productive, make more money, get promoted or be less-stressed
• Leaders and managers who want to be more effective
• Anyone who feels they could be better organised and less stretched
• People who are always late!
I inspire resilient leaders to deliver what is possible.
Hi, my name is Dave Otter.
I’ve been working in senior organisational and development roles for over three decades experience and I know that ‘Better People Make Better Organisations Possible’.
Today, as an author and consultant, I work with business owners, managers and employees to help them explore and understand what ‘better’ could look like and how it can be achieved.
“We work together to overcome barriers, challenge perceptions and build new capabilities for you and your team”
Having recently published a set of helpful guides and books on Practical Leadership Skills, I have now developed a range of training courses which apply to learning and skills development across an entire organisation structure.
“Clients often ask me for support when they are facing organisational change or are entering periods of growth, uncertainty or realignment. Getting everyone in the organisation to recognise what is possible and what needs to be done to achieve that must be the starting point.”
I have extensive experience of learning and organisational development, talent management, performance management, creating and delivering leadership and behavioural development programs to 1000’s of delegates from over 50 UK and global clients
I  have trained and coached senior leaders in order to enhance their organisational skills and performance and have a proven track record in designing, managing, and leading a wide range of operational and learning and development strategies
“I’m Inspired by the ideas of Hans Rosling and others, to believe in “Possible” says Dave.
“Often “possible” – or more accurately, what we perceive as “possible” – is set by others’ expectations, our environment, or even limitations on our own ambitions. But over the years, I have worked with many successful entrepreneurs, business-people and leaders who have come to realise you can progress much, much further than you ever imagined, but only when you can truly picture what is possible.”
As Henry James said, “Until you try, you don’t know what you can’t do.”
I hope you enjoy and learn from my courses
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Platform: Udemy
Video: 1h 38m
Language: English
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